Why do mom’s hands and feet start numbness and tingling after maternity?

When the the mother feed milk, it reduces the amount of folic acid and especially calcium, than hand and feet start pain and numbness and tingling along with tiredness and fatigue. It is called lactating mother syndrome. For this, first give the women a full eight-hour sleep.

During breastfeeding, continuous power medicines should be used, such as folic acid, multivitamin, calcium and vitamin D and its better to give her fruits in the daily routine. and women should avoid bow down sitting position while breastfeeding but placing the pillow in the lap and keeping the baby on it. So that the mother should not bow down, feed it so that the shoulder and waist are straight and do not pressure on the lower disks. She should make her food good, especially eat eggs, milk, meat and apples daily.

Despite all this, if the nature is not restored, she should contact to physician for supplements or essential medicines.


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