Which Perfumes Best Fits Your Zodiac Sign?

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

I woke up around noon, but I felt very refresh from sleep. As I woke up I was faintly thinking about the dream I just had. But as I got out of bed, 98% of the dream got wiped out from my memory. It had to do with my mother and some issue, but I just cannot think of the details. Oh, well, life goes on. I went downstairs to feed Gumby, eat brunch, and RSVP to a dinner invitation for next Thursday. Then, I worked on retouching some pages for my graphic novel until six. I decided to check out this video for fun because it is about picking certain perfume for a particular zodiac sign. I mostly wanted to check out what she says for my sign to see if it is accurate or off. But I decided to write down something for all the signs for fun.

Aries: spicy, warm and zesty fragrances as well as unisex perfumes. She recommends Malin + Goetz Cannabis, Cartier Zeste de Soleil, and Montale Soleil de Capri.

Taurus: sensual, sexual and grounded, you prefer earthy scents and “material” items that have a particular smell. She recommends Etat Libre d’Orange Bijou Romantique, Eight and Bob The Original, Molinard Vanille, Juliette Has A Gun Mmm, and Stella McCartney Stella.

Gemini: loves to communicate in bubbly, quirky, sunny, unique and flirty way. Breezy, light, and summery scents should have bright, playful, and fun scents, such as pineapple and champagne. She recommends Agent Provocateur Fatale Intense, Montale Woods and Spices, English Laundry Oxford Bleu pour Femme, and Etat Libre D’Orange Remarkable People.

Cancer: homey, warmth, cozy and sweet, you prefer scents that a nostalgic and memorable smell. You love white flowers as well as a monochromatic white outfit. She recommends Aqua di Colonia Colonia Pura, Estee Lauder Sensuous Nude, Glossier You, and Burberry My Burberry.

Leo: showstoppers, always seeking attention on the red carpet, you want a scent that makes you feel like a star, whether movie star, stage star, Rockstar, or supermodel. Therefore, you prefer strong scents that smell luxurious and bold but unique so that the scent will help you stand out in a positive way. You love the sun and sunshine because it naturally spotlights you as a summer star. You prefer scents with coconut and pineapple because it smells like natural sunscreen, which allows you to enjoy the summer sun and work on your tan all day. She recommends Nateeva Jamaica, Comptoir Sud Pacifique Cologne Mood, Montale Chocolate Greedy, Versace Eros Pour Femme, and Michael Michael Kors. I don’t know any of these scents. But the names definitely put me in a summertime mood. Jamaica, South Pacific, rich chocolate, Versace Pour Femme, and Michael by MK sound very sensual and rich scented. I do have a natural scent that smells like suntan oil because it has a sweet scent of pineapple and coconut, which I love, especially when I was in my 20s and 30s. I have also loved wearing fruity and other natural scents from Body Shop and Bath & Body Works, such as Fuzzy Peach, Sweet Pea, and Apricot scents. But, now, as I get older, I am moving toward luxurious brands, such as Cartier, Juicy, small French perfumes I bought at the French Riviera perfume factory, and Giorgio Beverly Hills.

Virgo: uncomplicated, simple, and understated but a perfectionist, you prefer earthy, natural, and clean scents. You also like unisex scents. She recommends Amouage Jubulation XXV, EB Florals Velvet Lavender, Carner Barcelona Tardes, and Costume National So Nude.

Libra: looks for a balanced, flirtatious, natural and feminine scent but not strong. You prefer classic scents. She recommends Nest Midnight Fleur, Narciso Rodriguez Bleu Noir for Him, Cartier Baiser Vole, Amouage Honour Woman, and Burberry London.

Scorpio: intense, complex, dark, and private, you prefer strong and powerful scents. She recommends La Mia Perla La Perla, Hugo Hugo Iced, Regime des Fleurs Cacti, EB Florals 1947 Dahlia, and Histoire de Parfum 1899.

Sagittarius: blunt, to the point, daring, and trendsetter, you prefer telling a story or being in an adventurous story, as you travel worldwide and buy perfume from different exotic countries. So, you are drawn to exotic scents. She recommends John Varvatos Dark Rebel, Carven L’absolu, Catherine Malandrino Style de Paris, Room 1015 Blomma Cult, and Montale Dark Purple.

Capricorn: flexible, reliable, traditional, and earthy, you are drawn to earthy and warm scents with a light and playful breezy quality. You go for the classics because you are practical. She recommends Tommy Bahama Maritime for Him, Amouage Lilac Love Woman, EB Florals Virgin Lily of the Valley, and Prada Infusion de Tubereuse.

Aquarius: fun, daring, trendsetter, unique, and unconventional, you prefer something light, airy, fun, and personal. She recommends Etat Libre d’Orange You or Someone Like You, Bulgari Aqua Divina, and Amouage Ciel Woman.

Pisces: dreamy, mystical, and magical mermaids, you prefer incense, cannabis, and sea salt as well as maybe even spicy Indian scents. She recommends Dolce & Gabbana 18 La Lune,Third Man Eau Contraire,Raymond Matts Maiaday, Raw Spirit Fragrances Mystic Pearl, and Lisa Hoffman French Clary Sage.


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