What causes snoring problems?

Have you ever experienced a sore throat when you wake up? Do you feel restless even if you have enjoyed a full night sleep? This is because you snore when you sleep at night. Snoring occurs due to many reasons and might cause various health related issues if not checked. Heavy snoring also signifies various other problems that are related to the overall health of the individual.

Causes of snoring:

Most of the adults and even the kids snore and they do not know what causes snoring. It is very essential to learn about the reasons behind a person snores whenever he falls asleep. Snoring is absolutely related to breathing issues a person is suffering. The same person should seek a doctor’s consultation to find out whether he or she needs to find snoring remedies or not. A person of any age or gender snore when the following causes occur.

The anatomy of your mouth:

The anatomy of a person’s mouth decides whether he will snore or not. The orientation of the palate and its anatomy will decide whether the person will snore or not. A thick palate with soft tissue at the back of your throat might be the answer to your question ‘why do I snore’. The uvula (a triangular mass of tissue that hangs from the soft tissue of the palate) hangs, even more, obstructing the air passage and vibrates. On heavier vibration, the snoring sound is produced.

Body mass index:

Body mass index can be the answer to ‘why do I snore’. The question can be easily answered if a person’s body weight is measured and his height is taken into account. The body mass index value determines whether a person will suffer from snoring or not. It has been found that the deposition of fat below the superficial tissues can be the reason behind the diameter of the air passage. The first way to reduce snoring issues is to work out and keep your body weight within the healthy BMI range (20 to 25).

Consumption of alcohol:

When a person consumes alcohol over the limit before going to sleep, it can cause the throat muscles to relax more than usual causing obstruction to the air passage. A higher level of alcohol intake also reduces the ability of a human body to fight against airway obstruction. This is also a prime reason behind snoring.

Sleeping positions:

Improper sleeping position is what causes snoring. When a person sleeps on his back, the gravity also pulls down the relaxed throat muscles even more causing more obstruction in the passage. It is better to sleep at your side to avoid snoring when you sleep deeply at night.

Wrapping up:

These reasons mentioned above are why a person snores. The problem is very prominent in overweight individuals. There are various anti-snoring remedies that are medically tested and can be used by anyone safely. Find the best anti snoring product from the online store and sleep peacefully at night.


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  1. Yeah I totally agree with what you said. I know someone that really annoys almost everyone because of the snoring problem. It totally sucks! Lol! I saw a video showing a gadget that makes a solution to the snoring problem. It attaches to the nostrils/nose and helps a great sleep not only for the person himself/herself but also to the people around him/her

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