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Transfer of young blood in the elderly can save many diseases – Research

Dracula is seen drinking blood of young girls is most of Hollywood american movies., after which he himself live strong and energetic, tut a research has revealed that transferring the blood of the young’s to older people can treat and eliminates many diseases.

Dr. Dam Linda Parridge, a prominent genius of Universities College, has undergone pre-surveyed surveillance and data acquired in this regard and it has been considered as an important department of modern medicine, She says that transferring young blood to sick elders can be protected from diseases such as disease, cancer, and dementia.

In this research, Dr. Dam regularly gave blood to the rats of young mice and in a result they did not develop aged diseases. Amazingly, when young mice got old blood, So many of its ultimate and dangerous results were recovered.

Despite the encouraging results, Dr. Dam says that there will be a lot of study required on the effects of blood on the body and for this we need more experiment on animals. Only then we will learn how young blood take away diseases.

Another company, Ambrosia, had done medical tests in that case in which approximately 70 volunteers were added and the age of the youngest volunteer were 35 years old and all these people were plotted plasma of young people age 16 to 25 years which is a very important component of human blood.

Some people have also called ¬†this vampire therapy’ In which experts found that positive results of young blood transfers were set up in the past 24 hours. in 2017 all bio-markers decreased rapidly within a month in the blood of the elderly in the ambrosia blood trials, which cause Alzheimer’s, cholesterol, diabetes and other deadly diseases.

Apart from this Alzheimer’s 55-year-old patient was given a blood donation, instant positive changes in the body were found and the risk of poisonous compounds in the brain decreased by 20% less and on the basis of this research specialists are calling ‘young blood therapy’ very optimistic.


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