Top 8 Hair Trends for 2018

Monday, 2.5.18

  1. All kinds of bangs will be popular in 2018. I currently have bangs with bob for this winter.
  2. Natural-textured hair, which is another way of saying “go as you are” hair, maybe kind of tussled, natural, loose and free. This reminds me of hippie hair.
  3. Curly Bob with bangs will be in style. I am not even sure if I can curl my bob. Mine might be too short, but I might be able to curl it during springtime.
  4. Natural Hair Colors. I prefer natural hair colors. I didn’t care for the weird colors anyway.
  5. Boyish Pixie Haircuts. I have had these haircuts a couple of times in the past. I might do it again during summertime.
  6. Messy and Loose Braided hair. My hair is too short for braids.
  7. Popular Accessories—scrunchie, hair pins with embellishments, hair clips, and barrettes. I definitely have all these.
  8. Ribbons for hair, whether tying a ribbon around a ponytail or using a ribbon as a headband.


What do you think?