Top 5 Yoga Poses to Boost Fertility

If medical techniques continue to evolve and progress in the field of medical assistance procreation, today, many couples are turning to yoga to boost their fertility. A “natural” complement necessary to put all the chances on their side in this long adventure that is the desire of child. Yes, some postures are favourable … Here are what!

The effects of stress on the body and the psyche are completely devastating and will change the hormonal balance of the woman and thus disrupt fertility.

Yoga would not act directly on conception, but would reduce this level of stress; which would increase the chances of getting pregnant. Various IVF center in India suggest yoga as one of the solution to boost your fertility.

Better still, some postures would promote blood circulation in the reproductive organs.

These postures have been decrypted for you; it’s worth trying … Open angle, cat, legs against the wall, standing clamp, corpse, simple postures and easy to do! Have a look at some yoga poses that can boost your fertility.

The open angle

In sitting position, open your legs straight, forming a V.

Gradually move the upper body forward, resting with your hands, well placed on the floor.

Advance slowly until the spine and legs are stretching properly.

Stay in this position for 30 seconds with regular, calm breaths.

By opening the pelvis, blood circulation improves in the genital and reproductive organs.

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In four-legged position; hands well placed on the ground.

While performing a slow, deep breath, pull your back, pulling your shoulders back and looking up.

Then while exhaling, lower the head while looking towards the belly and round the back.

Repeat 4 to 5 times to relieve tension in the spine, shoulders and neck.

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Put yourself in a lying position on your back.

Extend your legs tight up, taking support on your buttocks.

Also extend your hands along the body.

Stay in this position for a few seconds, while performing calm and regular breaths.

Slowly lower the legs and make the movement again.

This posture is specifically recommended after sexual intercourse because it helps to promote the movement of spermatozoa.

For more relaxation, also try the legs against the wall; to do this, face the wall, and extend your legs along the wall. Stay in this position while you relax.

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The Standing Clamp

In standing up position.

Bend down to the floor, extending your arms down to touch the floor or ankles. Stick your chest to your knees.

While staying in this posture, try to keep the pelvis back and keep your back straight.

By remaining a few seconds in this posture, perform slow breaths; when you exhale, stretch your legs.

Repeat 3 or 4 times, according to your convenience. Do not force.

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The Corpse

This posture allows you to relax and relax the body. It is also recommended after sex or to finish your yoga sessions.

Lie on your back, on the floor. Spread your legs slightly; stay with arms outstretched, palms facing up.

Stay in this posture by focusing on your breathing.

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Final words

Knowing infertility problems is stressful. Some people even feel that their body betrays them so much they are anxious. But by reducing stress, yoga helps prevent premature aging. And by inviting us to slow down, yoga rebalances and energizes the body?.


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