The Zika Virus

The virus hit Jamaica about two years ago.   It had come from Africa to South America, moved north.

The alerts were issued and pregnant woman were offered abortions, as was done in other parts of the world. A lot of women didn’t take it.

Zika can cause microcephaly, that is a very small head.  This usually results in brain damage, in eye problems, seizures, slow or no development.

The child born with microcephaly will never recover.

The result in Jamaica, as well as other nations, is that one finds that the mother winds up becoming a single parent and the caregiver.

In some cases the parents decide on an abortion, and later on in the relationship, they will go for another child. In some cases, the father does not want the brain damaged child, the mother does, so it is; ‘baby or me’ and this results in the mother being alone.

The tragedy of a Zika baby is that the damage done is permanent.  The child will NEVER recover, may never be able to sit up, much less walk.

Zika is spread by mosquito.

If you are not pregnant, and you get it, it has no cure.  If you are not pregnant and you get it, it isn’t as bad as dengue.  You’ll get a fever, a rash, joint pain, might vomit.   With me, it lasted about a week.  Some people take longer to get over it.

I know about Zika, because I had it.


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