The Rise in Alcohol Abuse Has Become a Matter of Serious Concern These Days

We live in an era where the availability of everything has become quite easier and cheaper too; be it the modes of networking or the harmful addictive beverages! The modern technological era has made things possible for us in unimaginable ways and thereby the increase in crime rates has also grabbed eyeballs in every niche of life. A majority of people these days which include youngsters of our generation get addicted to alcohol, drugs, tobacco, etc. and faces dire health and social consequences due to it. It is quite a matter of concern these days as to how the rise in consumption of alcohol has grabbed our society and our upcoming generation as even children these days also get used to alcohol abuse. We need to take stricter action and proper care of our Gen Y so that they drive us to a better world in the future.

Why are younger people getting addicted to alcohol?

The primary reason why a lot of the younger generation is into drinking is the zeal and excitement to taste it once and thereby becoming addicted to it. Secondly, a lot of the younger people slips into a depression due to the pressure they have to feel in their personal lives or regarding study matters.

Thus, they take up drinking to meet the needs of the frustration sometimes; t also leads to severe addiction at times and they fall prey to the circumstance. People do not understand that alcohol abuse is severely dangerous in many aspects; it leads people to convulsions, mental unbalance, anxiety, and other health disorders, and in extreme cases death also!

Many cases of driving under the influence by a minor are also reported these days which makes us wonder what our younger generations are up to; they drink and they drive also! The odds of fatal accidents increases 10-fold when you drink and drive, let alone when you are a minor. These societal conditions are truly worrying and thus it has become the talk of the town in almost every corner of the world. We all must do our bit to tackle the situations from worsening.

The takeaway

The modernization and development of our society are aimed to bring in better possibilities and wider mentalities amongst people but in some cases, it shows opposite effects as a whole. While most of us live a carefree lifestyle in the name of freedom, we do not understand the troubles that would later turn up due to the kind of lifestyle we lead. So it well advisable that we take the lead from an earlier age so that we don’t have to bear the burden at the later stage of our life. Moreover, it is not only concerned with what kind of lifestyle we lead, but we also need to keep track of what our family members are up to; the parents must make sure their minor children are not into drug or alcohol abuse.


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Written by Addie Davison

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