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The Most Beautiful Eyes Among Celebrities

The eyes are what makes the good looks. Half of the beauty’s potential hides into the eyes! Different shapes and colors of eyes, and different kinds of people are used as a beauty definition nowadays! There can always be a change with the use of Instagram or Snapseed filters, but we definitely know what is real and what is not! The following pictures show the beautiful eyes of some celebrities, that are definitely without competition!

Take a look at some of the most outstanding celebrities and their beautiful eyes.

Mila Jovovich

"Don't let the eyes fool you" is not possible with Mila Jovovich! Her super blue eyes and her seductive look is what makes her one of the most outstanding actresses ever!

Penelope Cruz

Her dark brown eyes and her wonderful Spanish accent are a definition of beauty and divine! Penelope Cruz and her outstanding beauty deserve to be among the top picks!

Angelina Jolie

The intense green color along with the cat shape is what makes Angelina Jolie's eyes a serious and beautiful power player!

Ian Somerhalder

Wow! A guy every girl falls for! Don't make eye contact with Ian, because sister, you are definitely going to fall for him!


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