Practical Tips on Dealing With Airsickness

Some people who don’t often trip by air are the ones who experience airsickness. You should not be in panic despite never been tried it before. Of course, don’t create a scene by shouting out loud that you need some help. I am sure the nibblers are all eyes on you and you will be belittled with such actions when on board.

1.  Ask for An Assistance

You can ask a flight attendant for anything that will make at ease or feel the relief of feeling ill such as medicines or airsickness bag and the like. He or she is ready to serve the passengers without hesitation. Well, I do think it is included in their job description. There will be no refusal on their part. But we still need to be polite with them.

2. Calm Yourself

It is a good idea to listen to music to calm the restless soul. It can distract the feeling of distress while on board for the first time. If you are not into music, then you can bring out any electronic gadgets to keep busy prior to the plane taking off up in the sky.

3. Breathing Exercises

Take a deep breathing exercise prior to the flight or even during the flight. You can have three times deep inhalation of air to the nose and exhalation of air through the mouth. This kind of breathing exercise should be done randomly and you don’t want to be hyperventilating.

4. Eat Light Meal

Eat small snacks before or during the flight. Some people need to do this. Since it is not good to have huge meals especially if you are not used to traveling by air. Once the dizziness strikes, you cannot turn back the time running to the toilet to vomit. That’s a terrible feeling to experience while having a flight.

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