Pit Children – Part 16

For a few stray minutes Paul and John realised that everyone hated them.   If they could have held onto that reality a bit longer,  perhaps change was possible.  But, in the usual style of aberrant mentalities,  they realigned reality.

Paul and John decided to contact their mother.  They didn’t care about her or their  step father, Albert, they were after their half sister, Julie.  They wanted to turn her against her mother.

They had been successful in turning the children of Zel and Neville against their father.   The restraining order Zel had gotten on divorce had not been breached by their step brothers.   All of Neville’s children hated him.

This made Paul and John feel good about themselves.

That they hated their mother wasn’t enough, they would have to poison the mind of their step sister.

P & J would never forgive their parents for throwing them away.  And although they might sing the praises of their Grandmother and claim to have had a great childhood,  they never grew beyond howling toddlers demanding their mother’s attention.

To turn Neville’s other children against him had  been accomplished.   Sandra only had one other child, a daughter.  How hard could it be to make her hate her mother?


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Written by jaylar

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