To hear a man shouting;  “She went out to Water The Plants!”  as the reason for a beating, sounds insane, but the Abuser needs to justify why he beat his wife.  He needs to find a reason.  Even a ridiculous one.

Abby’s Ex used jealousy.  She was made to believe he was beating her because he thought she was being unfaithful.  Finally she realised he was beating her to beat her.

However, this realisation didn’t come when she left him.   Had it, things would have been different. But this comprehension came years later.    Years after she destroyed a perfectly good relationship because the new man seemed jealous.

Had Abby gotten counselling, or even spent a year or so going over her  relationship with her abusive husband, she would grasp the fact that her Ex simply used jealousy as his ‘reason’.

If she had analysed,  she would not instantly draw a line from jealousy to abuse.

But Abby hadn’t.

Billy seemed jealous of her friendship with an old school chum, which she wrongly deduced would lead to his beating of her.

So she broke up with him and lived to regret it.

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Written by jaylar

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