Normal people formulate explanations and excuses for the abnormal behaviour exhibited by an Abuser.   This is why Abusers persist.  Their abuse is explained away by others.

The average person, unfamiliar with the mentality of an abuser will say that it would ‘make no sense’  for the Boss to cause his workers to hate him, hate the job, and perform badly.

The average person, unfamiliar with Abusers, would claim that it makes no sense to ask for help yet withhold the necessary information.

Hence, one, unfamiliar with Abusers would seek other explanations for the behaviour.   In the words of Spock,  it is  not logical for the Boss to cause workers to perform badly.    It is  not logical to ask for help and yet provide no data to obtain that help.

Those who  understand the psyche of an Abuser, know that the Boss from Hell doesn’t care if he loses the business, he needs to oppress the employees.

The Abuser claiming to need aid, doesn’t want help, doesn’t care that he has destroyed his own redemption, he needs to step on those he considers superior.

It may not be logical but it is real.

What do you think?

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