Liver Specialist Or Gastroenterologist – Which One To Consult?

Many of us suffer from mild to severe liver problems that are very common these days. Our liver is one of the major organs that perform multiple functions in our body. Any illness, disease or infection in the liver can make you suffer badly. So, for any liver problem, you should consult the liver specialist in Delhi. Often we found our selves in a peculiar situation whom to consult when there is a liver problem as well as the problem pertinent to the digestive system. Since a gastroenterologist in Delhi can also be consulted for the liver issue or other digestive tract issues, the patient may get confused in choosing an appropriate option.

We have brought forth the information that will bring the right solution to your existing conundrum. After reading the information regarding the liver specialist and gastroenterologist, you would be able to take the right stand and decision to see the best medical option between the two.


If you have issues related to digestive tract disease and disorders, you are recommended to see a gastroenterologist. The gastroenterologist or gastrointestinal doctor (GI) can be consulted if you go through the symptoms such as abnormal bowel movement,rectal bleeding, change in bowel habits, dark or pale urine,pale-colored stool, diarrhea, heartburn, gastric or belching, loss of appetite, etc.

The gastroenterologist is the medical expert or physician who specializes in diagnosing and treating the condition of the digestive system or gastrointestinal tract. They look after the condition that affects the stomach, esophagus, large intestine, small intestine, as well as a biliary system such as liver, pancreas, gallbladder bile ducts.

A gastroenterologist has a profound and thorough understanding of how food moves through the digestive tract. The gastroenterologist specialists have knowledge regarding how physical and chemical breakdown of food transpire. It also comprises knowledge of absorption of nutrients and removal of waste product. They also focus on thedigestive function of the liver.

Liver Specialist

It is important that our liver as well as the whole gastrointestinal tract remains healthy. Many liver diseases or illness are such that it requires the specialist who solely practices to diagnose and treat the disease and disorder of the liver, such expert is known as hepatologist or liver specialist in Delhi.

A liver specialist is envisaged as the most suitable option to treat liver problems. A hepatologist is highly qualified and quite experienced in dealing even the complex and chronic liver issues.Although, there is no official definition or explanation of a hepatologist as there is no separate board certification examination in the field of hepatology, however, there exists specialized training program for doctors who focus and practice solely in liver diseases. The hepatology fellowship program includes exhaustivetraining in the diagnosis and treating liver diseases. Such training programs facilitate extensive exposure to all kinds of liver diseases that encompass complex and rarely seen issues.

In a nutshell, if you are suffering from the problem that isaffecting your liver only, a hepatologist will be a good choice.However, if the problem largely affecting the gastrointestinal tract,the gastroenterologist in Delhi will be an ideal choice.


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