Life Hack: Use a Dermaflash Peach Fuzz Remover

Your face is one of the most sensitive parts of your body, and it requires constant care and refreshment. One of the most infuriating issues that a woman faces when it comes to the face is peach fuzz. Causing everything from uneven makeup application to acne, peach fuzz can bring down your efforts to look good. Having a peach fuzz remover in your pack of essentials will give you an edge. Peach fuzz removal is usually called dermaplaning and is traditionally done at medical spas. It is a bit on the expensive side, making it hard to access for most people.

The Dermaflash peach fuzz remover is a wonderfully easy-to-use product that replaces med spa visits with its DIY effectiveness. There are two excellent peach fuzz removers that you can choose from according to your needs. “Dermaflash One” is used to exfoliate and eradicate peach fuzz, and “Dermaflash Luxe” is similar but has an anti-aging element.

Dermaflash was built from the ground up by founder Dara Levy, who is passionate about providing wonderful skin care options for women at an affordable rate. Levy has a med spa in Chicago that specializes in dermaplaning.

How to Use a Dermaflash Peach Fuzz Remover

Two corresponding skin care items are included with the Dermaflash tool: the pre-flash® cleanser and post-flash® moisturizer. You use the cleanser as you would with any other cleanser and then pat your face dry. You will notice that your face will feel very clean after use. You may also feel some tightness. This is not a bad sign; it is indicative that you have gotten your skin taught enough to use the Dermaflush One or Luxe.

Pop in a new razor exfoliator into your Dermaflash One or Luxe, and it is ready to use. The Dermaflash kit comes with eight razor edges that you should replace before every treatment. You have to keep your skin taught enough to get an excellent outcome. You have to use very light and short strokes, beginning from the edge of your face below your ear. You will get rid of the fuzz and dead skin cells that have been on your face, giving you a beautiful glow. You should then apply the post-flash moisturizer to give your face the moisture it requires.

The Benefits of Using the Dermaflash Peach Fuzz Remover

The main thing that you will see after using the Dermaflash peach fuzz remover is that your skin will get a new glow and an even tone. Makeup application is so much easier when there is no peach fuzz. Makeup artists of celebrities like Taraji P. Henson and Kaley Cuoco recommend using Dermaflash before applying makeup, especially before a big event. The two stars made sure to dermaplane before the Golden Globes in 2019, and it did wonders for their skin. Cardi B’s makeup artist, Erika, says that Cardi’s frequent use of the Dermaflash Luxe makes it easier to maintain the soft glowy look that many women are trying to achieve.

Not only is dermaplaning made easy by the Dermaflash One or Luxe, but it also allows you to continue with all of your usual skin care routines on the go. Levy has provided an affordable way to enjoy a med spa experience from your home, not only during this quarantine period but even after. The dermaplaning products used at spas are usually sharper and more challenging to use, but Dermaflash peach hair removers have been customized to be easy to use at home.


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