Keeping Up With Your Skincare Routine

Rarely is any skin perfect on its own. People who have won the genetic lottery may be the only ones to enjoy the benefits of flawless skin. If you belong to the group of mortals who do suffer from any kind of issues with skin, you know how important regular and appropriate skincare routine is. Before you develop the best possible skincare routine for your skin, you’ll need to get to know what your skin type is. Here is how to determine what kind of skin you have and how to treat it properly.

What is your skin type?

There are four types of skin – dry, oily, combination, and sensitive. Dry skin is the one that feels tight, mostly after cleansing. The most common issues with dry skin are flaking, redness, and fine wrinkles. When it comes to the oily skin, this type is shiny and it is followed with larger pores. Blackheads and blemishes are the issues that come with this skin type.

If you have combination skin, you have what’s also known as the normal skin type. This skin type has medium-sized pores, smooth texture, and great circulation. T-zone is the oily part, while cheeks are dry. Finally, sensitive skin is delicate and it has fine pores. This type of skin is the most irritable one, prone to even causing some allergic reactions, such as a rash.

No matter what skin you have, you need to treat it regularly and properly. Different skin types require different products and that is why it’s very important to get to know your skin and its needs.

Wash your face

When it comes to a skincare routine, you start it by rather simple steps. Namely, the first important thing you need to do is wash your face every morning and night. Water is not enough for cleaning your face thoroughly but it is a great start. Once you rinse your face with water, make sure to apply a small amount of gentle cleanser between your palms.

Using that cleanser, start massaging your face, while gently pressuring it. After that, rinse the hands and start massaging again. This way, you’ll use all of the cleanser but you’ll also start washing it away slowly. Once the cleanser is removed from the face, get the towel and pat your face carefully. On makeup-free days, cleansing once will suffice, but if you did wear makeup, make sure to do it twice.

Apply toner

The second step in a successful skincare routine is the toner application. The right time for this is after you’ve cleansed the face, but before you’ve done anything else. Use a cotton pad, pour a few drops onto it, and apply it to the face gently. If you use an exfoliating toner, use it only in the night, but if the toner is hydrating, you can do it two times a day.

Apply serum

After toner, you can move to apply the serum. You encounter a lot of radicals throughout the day which is why it’s very important to prepare the skin for whatever it might experience. The thing that protects your skin the most is some brightening vitamin C serum. If you don’t use a toner already, make sure to get one. Even if you don’t feel like going to the store, you can easily get your cosmetics online. If you want to apply the serum at night, look for some moisturizing kind, like the ones with hyaluronic acid. If you use a water-based serum, apply it before moisturizer, if you use an oil-based serum, apply it after moisturizer.

Apply eye cream

Another important step in a skincare routine is the eye cream application. Eye cream is somehow the part that people tend to forget in a skincare routine, but it is very important. Make sure to get one with a roller-ball applicator for simpler applications. Store it in the fridge if you want to counteract the puffiness in the morning.

Use spot treatment

The best time for spot treatment is the night time. Your skin has time overnight to regenerate and whenever you want to treat it with something extra, make sure not to do it in the morning. If you’re fighting acne, you should be careful with what you’re using. Some of the ingredients, like benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid with retinol, can lead to irritation. Instead, you want to achieve a hydrated feel to your skin.


One of the last things necessary for healthy and radiant skin is the moisturizer. Moisturizer is so important because it hydrates your skin, while also locking in all of the other products you’ve applied. That is also why moisturizer is applied near the end of the whole process. In the morning, the best moisturizers are the ones in the form of a lightweight lotion, if possible, with SPF. In the night time, a ticker night cream will do the trick perfectly.

Apply sunscreen

Finally, you need to protect the face of the harmful UV rays. Most of the dermatologists agree that this is the most important part of the skincare routine and that is the biggest reason why you shouldn’t skip it. End your routine with sunscreen and don’t be afraid to step out. In the summer, make sure to use SPF 50, and in the colder days, use SPF 30.


Having healthy skin takes some time and effort. However, that isn’t bad. It means that all your hard work will pay off an there is no prettier skin than the healthy one.


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Written by Lena Hemsworth

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