Improve Your Sleep with Feng Shui

Feng shui is an ancient art of using materials to harmonize energy in living spaces. This ancient art has been in practice for hundreds of years and has proven effects on health and prosperity. It works by splitting the world into five elements:

  • fire: leadership
  • wood: growth and creativity
  • earth: stability and strength
  • water: inspiration and emotion
  • metal: focus and order

Create feng shui in your bedroom

Sleep difficulty can be because of several reasons such as medical conditions, mental disorders or just plain factors like lighting or sound around you. If you have severe insomnia, consult a doctor and get prescribed medicines from an online PricePro Pharmacy that may help you sleep better. Along with medicines, consider changing your bedroom environment according to the rules of Feng Shui MasterS in Singapore.

From using colours that are relaxing for the eyes to placing specific objects in certain areas, there are lots of ways you can arrange your living space or bedroom to enhance your sleeping habits. Here are some suggestions. 

·        Declutter under your bed

Try not to store anything under your bed. Space under your bed allows the energy to flow freely around you while sleeping. If you don’t have much space and need to store items under the bed, put only sleep-related items such as pillows, linens, blankets etc. 

  •  Buy a headboard

According to feng shui, a headboard for a bed represents support and stability. Install a headboard that is made of solid wood. There should be no bars or separations on it. The headboard should be fastened securely on the bed. 

  • Position your bed correctly

Place your bed against a solid, supporting wall. Make sure to position it as far from the door as possible and not directly in line to the door. This is because too much energy flows through the door and you don’t want to be in its way. 

  • Use pairs

According to Feng shui, pairs of anything are good for harmonizing energy. So, make sure to use pairs of furniture and objects. For example, you can place two nightstands on each side of the bed. Moreover, the nightstands should be round in shape. A similar rule can be implemented in arranging your workspace. Put pairs of a chair, tables, and cabinets in pairs in your office so you can have more good energy to perform better. 

  • Use the right colours

Feng shui colours should be calming to your eyes and mind. Use furniture, bedding and other objects that have neutral colours. Primary colours such as red and blue are not a good choice of use in your bedroom. Make sure to use light soothing colours and not bright, overwhelming ones. 

  • Use soft lighting

Soft lighting is ideal for a feng shui bedroom. You should try to bring as much natural light from the windows as possible. 

  • Never sleep with a mirror facing the bed

A mirror in the bedroom is strictly prohibited according to Feng shui as it creates many health problems. Try sleeping with mirrors covered if you have any placed in your bedroom.


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