Idiocracy – The Rabble

Throughout history there has always been the ‘Rabble’.   These are persons who have fallen by the wayside.   Whether class or caste, whether a deliberately cultivated ignorance or a natural stupidity, there is always a population available to a demagogue.

One need merely determine who or what is the ‘Scorn’.

The Scorn is often a person or set of people who the rabble can be ignited against.   The actions attributed to the Scorn may be imaginary or clear lies, it doesn’t matter.  The Rabble will unite against the Scorn

It was pitiably easy for a man in  Northern Ireland to invent ‘The White House Insider’ and get the  rabble to believe every word.  This is because he accurately judged  the hatred white Americans had for the Black Man in the White House.

Barack Obama was the ‘Scorn’ and  simpletons felt good about themselves reading the fictions Ulsterman posted.

To his credit, Ulsterman didn’t advocate insurrection, he just made a lot of money through Adsense.

For the point of Ulsterman’s writing was to make money.  To make as much as he could.

Writing for Triond, getting 1c forevery 6 views, (and using various other ads to boost his take)  he didn’t need a job.

When Triond went down in 2015,  Ulsterman was out of work and although he could set up his own Blog,when Obama left the White House he lost his ‘Scorn.’

There was nothing for the Rabble to be Against… for that is the key of Rabble… they always swarm to display their hate.

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