Idiocracy– Don’t Search

As mentioned before, in the 1960s there was no Internet, there was no way to instantly check if what you were hearing on the News or reading in the paper was true.  However, the news services tried to be accurate so as not to be sued or lose credibility.

People didn’t believe what the United States Government was saying about Vietnam so were able to do their own hard copy searches, investigations.

When  America denied invading Cambodia, students at Universities all across America protested.

That was then, when one had a population of people who could think.

Children who had been properly nourished, toilet trained, sent to real schools, obtained real education, could think.  By the 70s nutrition declined, toilet training was often delayed, education was modified.  This trend continued and increased, producing a population of sheep who didn’t know how to think.

Today,people don’t search for facts.  They accept what they are told by those with power.

Those who actually know are shouted down, called ‘Fake News’ because independent information is not permitted.   Only what the Leader says is permissible.


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