How To Choose After Shaving Cosmetics For Your Skin

Every time you shave, you’re scraping a metal blade against your skin. This can really stress your complexion, so it pays to utilize the right aftershave to negate the effect.

You should be aware that aftershave products are stuffed full of a range of ingredients. We will let you know which ones are beneficial and which ones aren’t. Don forget to consider your skin type when selecting aftershave. You may think that every guy’s skin is pretty much the same, but there are some key differences.

Know Your Skin Type

Chances are you have normal skin and can apply aftershave products without consequences. However, it still pays to be sure. Consider the main skin types below:

Now don’t think that you are just one type or the other. Certain areas of your face may be oily, and others may be dry, for example.

Scrutinise The Ingredients List

All right, so you have honed in on your skin type, and now it is time to choose the best product. Scrutinize that ingredients list to know exactly what’s inside.

As a general rule, it’s best to choose natural ingredients over synthetic ones. This holds true for all skin types. However, some manmade ingredients do have benefits.

If you’re wondering how to determine if an ingredient is natural, then don’t worry because it’s pretty easy. Synthetic materials will have names that sound like they came straight out of a chemistry textbook. Natural ingredients will be those that you already know, such as lavender, grapeseed, or almond.

Making The Selection

If you have dry skin, then you will want to use a moisturizing aftershave balm. This should have zero (or close to zero) alcohol content. You should also try and select products which include humectants. No idea what we are talking about? That’s ok. Humectants are simply ingredients that reduce the dehydrating effect of other ingredients. Some examples are glycerol, propylene glycol, and sorbitol.

For those with sensitive skin, an alcohol-free aftershave is a good option. You are also likely to experience reactions to specific ingredients. If one type of aftershave is causing you issues, then discontinue its use and select a different one.

If you have patches of oily skin, then a good way to dry them out is with toners or astringents. “Common ingredients to look for include alum, oatmeal, distilled vinegar, and, of course, alcohol. Just keep in mind that guys with patches of oily skin should consider using two different aftershave products: One for the oily areas and one for the normal skin.”- says Terry R.Andrews, writer at essay company

Dealing With Battle Wounds

Most guys stuff up their shave now and then. The result is often nicks and cuts. That’s why it pays to also have an aftershave product high in alcohol. You don’t want to use it after every shave (as the alcohol will dry out your skin) but in the case of a mishap, you will be pleased it’s there. The alcohol will disinfect the skin and reduce bleeding.

If you regularly suffer from razor burn, then you should look for aftershaves with soothing ingredients. Good choices are aloe vera or eucalyptus. You should also be aware that you razor may be the culprit. Consider shopping around for a different model and see if that helps.

Smell Is Essential

A person’s sense of smell is extremely powerful, and you will want to take advantage of this fact. To get the best results from dating and romance, looking good and sounding confident not enough. You should select an aftershave that smells good(obviously) and mixes well with the scents from your other products(shampoo, facial shrub, etc.).

Don’t forget that the smell of aftershave changes over time. Your nose works by picking up the sharpest scents first. Their effect will only last for a few minutes before you nose will become desensitized and start to pick up smells from the body of the fragrance. After an hour or so, you will be left with the deepest richest scents. This is something to consider when going on a date.

Don’t Get Hooked In By Advertising

The men’s skincare industry is worth billions but doesn’t let it suck you into overpaying for a new product. Simple solutions are often the best. If a company is marketing a new aftershave as the best thing since sliced bread, then you should be dubious of any claims. The fact is a product that may be right for one guy could be a disaster for another.

Final Thoughts

Consider this information next time you’re selecting an aftershave. By identifying your skin type and choosing a compatible product, you will be able to keep your skin healthy and continue to look sharp. Don’t forget to choose the right scent when pursuing a new romance.

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