How Positioning Pillow Benefits For Seniors

Seniors are confined to bed for the majority of the day. This confinement is not only a reason for bed sores in their delicate body, but also can lead to and aggravate issues like sleep apnea, back and neck ache, heartburn, acid reflux, and snoring.

The primary health issues that come with confinement to bed are majorly caused due to sleeping on the back. Therefore, doctors nowadays recommend sleeping on the side for a deeper and more restful sleep. Through side-sleeping, you can escape a hoard of problems. Then again, for seniors, even side-sleeping is not the best solution as they cannot hold their sleep inside easily.

To deal with elders who have trouble sleeping at ease, we have the best solution: Positioning Pillows!

These body wedges or bolsters can come in handy when you want to hold your position in bed while providing yourself a cushioning to rest against. Here are some of the benefits of these cozy bed additions:

1. Improved body alignment. When the elders sleep on side, their one team is left without any support and hence, it tends to lean upon the other hand. This can lead to a sore body in the morning. To avoid this trouble, you can rest your other side on the positioning pillows, this is how neither you will sleep on your back, nor will your body be sore. It will instead support you back, hip, and spine, keeping the body well aligned.

2. Pressure relief. The most painful spots in the body of elders are the lower back and knees. They need the positioning cushions so that the hips, spine, and shoulders can rest on them so that the pressure on the lower back and spine can be gotten rid of.

3. Relief from Acid Reflux. Acid reflux is one problem which is not as much about indigestion as it is about the accumulation of acid in the chest because of sleeping on the back. With the right positioning support, you will be able to get away with it.

4. Positioning pillows are of great relief when it comes to elders who are suffering from issues such as arthritis, headaches, fibromyalgia, and other such physical ailments.

5. By giving the seniors a means to sleep on their side, they are beneficial in providing the elders the relaxing and rejuvenating sleep they were missing.

6. Helpful while sitting as well. Being confined to bed doesn’t mean that the elders have to spend their time laying on the bed, they can sit on it and still do some activities such as work on the laptop, eat, or play a game of checkers. With the right medical positioning pillows, the seniors can sit with proper support and enjoy time with family as well. This helps them deal with tension, stress, and strain.

7. By providing the best possible support to the body, they help in equal weight distribution and facilitate blood circulation.

There you have it! If you have seniors at your home who have trouble sleeping, you should get them these affordable solutions for a good night’s sleep.

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