Guarding Those Emotions?

Some people will say that it is odd or weird to see men cry or say that it is a sign of weakness, but my view on that is totally different.

Crying is a way of relesing tension and is a strong show of emotion and it is ok for anyone to cry, man, woman, boy or girl and at anytime.

It’s actually incredible but studies shows that crying is good for not only emotional health but also physical health. Crying helps release tensions of anxiety, anger and others and also helps lowers blood pressure. So yes, for any one, its definitely ok to cry.

The connatation that people, especially millenials attach to crying is rather misleading, its a simple show of emption, people who try to avoid crying or disregard crying are actually the ones in trouble.

So take it from me, when you come home from work frustrated with a huge amounts of emotions overtaking you from the rollercoaster day that you had at work, pour yourself tht glass of wine, put on that John legend CD, cry and release those emptions, and you will see how refreshed you will feel to conquer the rest of the work week. CRYING IS OK, I SAY! ADVICE FROM A FRIEND TO ANOTHER.

What do you think?

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