Get Biceps – Try These 5 Exercises in the GYM

The bulging biceps and extensive arm strength you notice in certain people make take a lot of time to build. You have to continue exercising for a long time and practice the right moves to achieve your target. The workout regime you learn from a Personal trainer allows you to target the muscles of the arm.  Along with exercises that one your arm, you need to follow a general workout routine as well. If you depend on exercises that toe your arms only, you might not achieve the same result. During Personal training, you come to know about the significance of training with heavy weights and a lot of mass to the arms.

You can practice the following moves with a Personal trainer to get biceps.

Working with dumbbell

Your trainer in the gym usually suggests warm-up exercises at first to prepare your body. After this, you can practice a few rounds of shoulder stretch exercises such as the plank, squat press, bent-over row, and chest press using a dumbbell. These exercises work on your shoulders and tone your arms to get biceps.

Incline hammer curl

This is one of the exercises that target your muscle-building motive for biceps and instils the highest level of accuracy for stabilisation of shoulders and enhancing the strength of your arms. For this exercise, you have to sit on an inclined bench with dumbbells in both hands. You have to place your hands to make them at a ninety-degree angle to the floor and the palms must face your body. Lift your arms upwards and bend the elbows to allow the dumbbells to stay above the body. Keep the upper arms still and stay in this position for about a second to return to normal.

Push up hammer curl 

This is another move to boost your biceps and get hold of a pair of weights at first. You have to begin in the position of push up and allow your palms to face each other. Allow the weight to curl in your right hand and target the right shoulder while keeping the upper arms stationary. You can repeat the step with your left arm as well and alternate the moves within a gap of thirty and sixty seconds. With Personal training Moorabbin, you can learn these moves with ease.

Twisting dumbbell curl

This is an exercise that helps you achieve the highest level of precision when you are trying to build your biceps and incorporate strength in your arms. This dumbbell curl adds a twist and involves the forearms as well. If you want to complete your exercise within a short schedule without compromising the volume expanding session, this is a favorable move.

Zottman curl

This is another great option for your biceps to grow. For this, you have to stand straight with your shoulder and feet above while holding dumbbells in both arms. Lift the weight upwards and keep the upper arms still so that they are in line with your shoulders. Allow the palms to face your body and rotate your arms with palms facing away from your body. Wait for a while and come back to the original position.

Following these exercises in the gym and the guidelines of the trainer can help you grow your biceps.


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