Do The Online Word Games Help?

When you start having problems with your visual nerves, word games definitely  do help. Then you can avoid around $2,000.00 worth or more of Visual Therapy Bills. These games help you build a field of vision. Such games as Scrabble, Word Search, Word Connect and Crossword Puzzles.

A few months back, a neurological test that I was required to take at my eye doctor, indicated that my field of vision was weaker in my left eye than it was in my right eye. My right eye field vision was normal, while my left eye had misinterpretations. That meant that the visual nerves, attached to my left eye, were weaker. The ones working my right eye, worked hard to over compensate. As a writer and athlete, I was bothered by this. So what does this mean?

When you are approaching age 60 and these fields are too weak, they might have to take your license so that you don’t drive. When these nerves are not working of at least normal, you peripheral vision is confiscated. Physically Therapy for this are word games and videos at around $750. an hour. Online, you only pay for your internet connection saving you a lot of money. And you are more relaxed because you are at home doing these in your own time. Then you go back to your eye doctor for follow ups to see rather or not those nerves improved. I do that and I think I have improved.

Not only are these online word games the toolbox to improve our visual nerves and our field of vision, they also help slow down Alzheimer’s Disease. So yes, if you need this, do these games at home online. Your thoughts please.

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