Dental Implants vs. Dentures – Which is better?

With the tremendous growth in dental technology, there has been a variety of options for replacing missing teeth. However, something around a decade ago, dentures or partial dentures were the only options for replacing all or some teeth. More people are moving from traditional dentures to modern dental implants and considering them more beneficial. While many people still get confused about the choice and differences that make one better over another.

In this article, I have discussed everything about dentures and implants including their advantages and disadvantages to help you decide which is better.


Dentures in Brooklyn NY is kind of dental appliances that used to replace all or some teeth. They are placed with the support of remaining gum tissues, jaw bone, and dental arch. They can be removable or permanent depending on what type of dentures you choose – partial or complete. Men and women who have experienced a significant loss of teeth can be eligible for them but only when their oral health is optimum.

Dental implants Brooklyn NY are placed permanently in place of the missing tooth. They’re a popular option because of their quality of appearing natural. It looks like a small screw and surgically placed into the jaws to substitute for some or all of the missing teeth. For this, the patient should have healthy gums and enough bone to undergo implant treatment.

Procedure Time

This is the right point, knowing the time you have to invest in getting either of given options. Dentures are custom-made prepared as per the patient’s mouth structure and making process requires several dental visits. Generally, it takes between 6 and 8 weeks after the tooth extraction for dentures to be placed.

The procedure for dental implants can be prolonged as in some cases it involves bone grafting and creation of prosthetics. However, with modern cosmetic dentistry New York, it can be done in a single day or even an hour. So it can be a fast, reliable, and comfortable solution considering the timeframe.


While dentures are an effective way to restore missing teeth wearing a complete set of dentures can be embarrassing sometimes. They can affect your chewing and speaking quality when prepared unfit and imprecisely. People who wear them sometimes become uncomfortable and don’t feel confident to open up their mouth or smile confidently.

On its contrary, implants look natural and do not deteriorate facial aesthetics. You can smile confidently because they match with color and shape of your other natural tooth.


Dentures can be placed to replace the tooth of both upper and lower gums. They are relatively cheaper options than the latest implants. After consulting to a cosmetic dentistry professional, you may have more ideas and information of both these options and you would easily decide the right one. Hope this article helps you.

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Written by Nick Wattson

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