Control Sugar with Minor Lifestyle Changes

It is generally said that it is not possible to squeeze diabetes from root, Rather, this disease can only be controlled by implementing balanced diet, regular exercise and therapeutic advice. However, there are some experiences that are not even less than miracles, One such example is Sushanth Singh who has beaten Sugar by following 4 minor things.

37 year old, Sansant Singh was a patient of sugar, But in just 16 weeks, Sushanth Singh brought the amount of nutritious blood sugar to normal level, but also reduced his weight by 5 kg.

Sushanth Singh made a slight change in lifestyle to achieve this target, as he have added almonds and gram lentils for his usual diet instead of rough foods and Similarly, balanced food used at home, for which to avoid dieting and greasy eating completely, as well as fruits and vegetables made the essential part of the diet.

Regarding diet change, regular exercises continued to reduce his weight, it did wonder not only he become active and healthy and also reduced the sugar level to normal. However, it is very important to keep ‘Focus’ in order to achieve balanced diet, exercise and weight loss as well as achieve goals with these four things can be stimulated with diabetes.

Be clear HbA1c is a blood test that can be done every 3 months, and that the average level of Sugar Level is found in the entire three months. A normal average of 3 months should be less than 6% of HbA1c. while 6 to 6.4% is a ‘pre-diabetic condition’ and above the regular diabetes patients are counted.


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