Constipation or diabetes, For Curing many diseases Onion is the Master Piece

Even when people cut the Onions, tears flow from their eyes but do you know how beneficial it is, to your health and body? The raw onion which is eaten as salad with your everyday meal is highly beneficial to your immune system inside your body. Many diseases including constipation, diabetes and many sex-related problems can be solved by using onion as your routine diet. Let us have some brief knoweldge in regard to valuable qualities and medicinal utilities in onions.


Constipation: Fibers present on the onion are immensely beneficial for the stomach. Get rid of this problem by eating onions. If you have constipation, start eating raw onions daily.

Sore throat : If you are worried about cold, cough or soreness then drink fresh onion juice. Eating Onion Juice with  jiggery(Gurr) or honey together makes it more beneficial.

Bleeding problem: If your nose bleeds, then chop the onion and smell, it will give relief to you in a little while. Apart from this, if there is a problem of Piles then it is easier to eat white onions.

Diabetes: Eating onions daily will absolutely  produce insulin. If you are diabetic, eat it as a daily salad with your  lunch and dinner as your routine food. It controls the diabetes and reduces it gradually and consequently.

Heart-related diseases: Raw onion  astonishingly controls blood pressure. It contains methyl sulphide and amino acids. That’s why it keeps cholesterol under control and protects the heart from various heart related  diseases.

Anemia: Even the  lack of Blood counts can be  removed and cured by using raw onions everyday. By eating onions with food , the problem of anemia also can be  eliminated.

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Written by Anjan Kumar Samal

National Secretary-THE LAST HOPE(REGD.)

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