Big Hair Chop

From the beginning of my hair journey back in 2013 and way back, my years of cleansing, styling, lots of love and care like any other part of my body.

The start of my first big hair chop back in October 2015.
It wasn’t any reasons for me to do the big chop, I just experience a new look and start off all natural again.
On October 29th, 2015 of that morning I grabbed a pair of hair scissors and just started cutting
I was very excited to finally do it, I couldn’t believe it at first but I kept going and felt very proud of myself.
After just one month my hair started to grow so fast, meanwhile, I wanted to make sure I used a good oil in my head from the start, I used a T-mix oil infusion bottle from Sister Taliah the owner of The T-mix helped grow my hair grow out longer and thicker this is an amazing product, I’ll be buying it again.

After a little over a year, I only use three products right now, I switch between products Organic Coconut oil, Shea butter and my homemade Flax seed gel.

My hair is back thick and curly, I’m still using the same four products, my hair has be looking and feeling amazing and to see it hasn’t been even over two years and my hair is almost back to its original length. I might keep it going but I also love the shirt look too. But We’ll see continuing this Natural hair journey.

Love Dominique B.


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