Bangs for Thin Hair: Top 10 Options in 2021

Are you looking for a new makeover? Why not start from your hair? The simplest way to refresh and update your hairstyle is with bangs. In fact, there are endless options to suit every face shape and hair type. From slightly curling to asymmetrical bangs, there’s one to suit you. If it sounds interesting to you, discover the coolest hairstyles with bangs below.

How to Take Care of Your Thin Bangs Hair?

If you go for bangs, you will have to do some styling every day. However, the following tips will let you minimize the everyday routine.

Don’t over-condition your bangs.

Bangs get oily more quickly than the rest of your hair. So, you don’t need to condition them every time you shampoo your hair.

Blow-dry your bangs.

Before you blow-dry your hair, you should blow-dry your bangs first. While they aren’t as thick as the rest of your hair, they will get dry within a few seconds. Don’t forget to use a brush to make your bangs flat and smooth.

Fill in sparse areas of your hairline.

If the sides look a little bit thin, you may find your scalp showing through. With the use of hair-building fibers, you can make your hair look thicker and fuller.

Use dry shampoo on bangs.

Bangs happen to be in constant contact with your face, so they automatically collect your facial oil and get greasy easily. A spritz of dry shampoo will take extra oil from your bangs as soon as it starts getting out of control.

Popular Bangs Styles for Thin Hair

Just because you have thin hair doesn’t mean that you have to forget about bangs. AT, you can check out the top bangs for thin hair looks.

1. Slight curling

If you want to make your bangs look luxurious, consider using a hair straightener. Wispy bangs look charming when you curl and sweep them to the side. Otherwise, they may look too poor on the forehead.

2. Side-swept bangs

By teasing the roots of your bangs, you will make them look a little fuller. This way, you will create the illusion of having thicker hair. Just sweep your bangs to the side with a comb to add some volume to the roots of your strands. A strong-hold hairspray will help you keep your hair in place for a while.

3. Short and chic

Bangs can make short hair look as cute and sexy as long hair. How about a very short pixie? It looks great. But you can make it even better by adding some short bangs.

4. Asymmetrical shine

An asymmetrical wispy bang is one of the most stylish options you can come up with. Experimenting with the length can make your hairstyle super cool. Just make your hair shorter in the middle and longer on the sides. You will like what you see in the end.

5. Long bangs

Long bangs aren’t always suitable for thin hair. But if you have short bob locks, they can look incredibly stylish. By sweeping the bangs to the side, you will keep them out of your face. The closer the strands are together, the more volume they add to your hairstyle.

6. Change the color

If you don’t want to keep your bangs subtle, it’s time to dye them. How cool can a striking blond or charming pink hue look on your bang? Even if you are not sure about radical changes, you may go for some experiments by using a temporary dye.

7. Wavy fun

If you have slightly wavy hair, you have the right to a wavy bang. It will add harmony to your hairstyle. If you apply some mousse, you will keep it from going all over the place. Wavy locks are perfect for creating such fine wavy locks.

8. Neat and sweet

If your locks are straight, you should keep them as neat as possible. Keep the length above the eyebrows to simplify the styling process. But you should be ready to brush them often to keep them in order.

9. Eye-covering fringe bangs

Eye-covering bangs aren’t the most practical of all hairstyles, but they are surely some of the most attractive ones. They make you look sexy and even mysterious. Don’t be afraid of playing up your volume by using a texturizing spray or gel.

10. Side part

If you separate blunt bangs by a side part, you will make your hair look bigger. Each side will get sufficient volume. You will just need to fixate everything with hairspray.


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