A Quick Guide to Different Types of Dentists

When you are searching for oral healthcare providers who can take care of teeth, gums and mouth, you should visit the right dentist. However, there are several types which take care of different problems.

General Dentist

They are also known as the family dentist and take care of your health regularly. They are most common and are primarily responsible for preventive dental care. It involves regular dental cleanings, dental X-rays and educating the patients about the proper care of gum and teeth at-home.

General dentists are responsible for restorative oral care like treating the tooth decay using artificial filings. They can also take care of the repaired or cracked, chipped or even missing teeth and whitening of teeth.

Issues which are caused by the gum disease and root issues below the gum line are handled by them. The dentist can also take care of the braces, false teeth, mouth guards, and other treatments. Being a healthcare professional, they can take care of the mouth, neck and head or other related issues. Reach out to them for emergency dental care in New Orleans.


You may understand them as the doctors who install the braces. But they go beyond that. The orthodontists are concerned with correct the alignment of the teeth, jawbones, and other supporting facial structures for cosmetic purposes. It means they work to improve your bite with the help of customized braces, dental alignment trays, mouth guards, headgears, retainers and facemasks. These devices work to improve the structure of bone, which may be deformed or teeth that have spacing issues.

Oral Surgeons

They work on the hard and soft tissues which are there in and around the mouth. These tissues include gums, cheeks, lips, hard palate, soft palate, tongue and facial tissues.

These are trained doctors and are skilled to perform invasive surgeries than other dental professionals. For instance, they can perform the complicated tooth extractions, surgical jaw corrections and smoothing as the foundation for false teeth. They can perform palate and lip surgeries, biopsies and malignant tooth extraction, facial infections, and even sleep treatments.

Oral surgeons do the groundwork for future dental work. They take care of the surgical improvements which are required before any oral appliance, false teeth, or the cosmetic procedures.


When it comes to problems of the gums, Periodontist is a specialist who takes care of it. It can include treatment of inflammation and pain, diagnosis and treatment of extreme gum disease. They can install the dental implants, perform grafting on the gums. Anything that involves work to be done on the gums is when the Periodontist will be required. Treating gum disease is a large part of Periodontistry, and they advise the general dentists on the prevention and treatment plans that will work with the lifestyle of the patients.


They are responsible for providing oral prostheses that replace the damaged, decayed or missing teeth. These are false teeth appliances like dentures, tooth implants and veneers. These replacements are often cosmetic and functional as they can improve the ability to chew, bite and speak normally.

For a smile makeover, which is a complete overhaul of someone’s smile, you should get in touch with Prosthodontist. They are often responsible for carrying out this for cosmetic reasons and the reconstruction of the smile after reconstruction.

When you are planning to reach out to a dentist, you should first understand the dental problem. Sometimes, your general dentist may be enough to help you.


Whatever be the reason from smile makeover to emergency dental care New Orleans, there is a dentist for it.


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