7 Tips to Say goodbye to your eye bags

Somebody told you that you should ice those puffy eyes. Your sister may have told you to use an eye cream over those eye bags. Your mother tells you to go to bed and sleep on it. What worries you eventually is not the bags under your eyes anymore but, whether or not you’re taking care of your eye skin in the right way still. It’s not bad to follow the advice of people you trust and who love you back but, if you love your eyes, you’re just going to have to go with the facts.

7 Things You Need To Know About Your Eye Skin

Here are 7 facts and corresponding tips to start you off on your journey to a skin free of eye bags:

  1. Skin around your eyes is prone to damage. Skin in these parts are so thin due mainly to the thinner layer of fat than elsewhere on your face. This makes your eye skin less capable of cushioning itself from impact that can cause injury, and is so thin that it can be easily damaged by environmental factors, including the sun and the wind.

Tip No. 1 wants you to focus on helping your eye skin better cope with damage repairs. Exfoliate regularly to help your skin cells facilitate skin regeneration and renewal faster. When a newer, lesser damaged skin layer can be produced over a shorter period of time, that gives you a better chance tot get rid of eye bags.

  1. There are very few oil glands situated in and around your eye skin area. This fact is one of the major factor you need to consider when your goal is to get rid of bags under eyes. With less oil glands, this are is often left dry and dehydrated, with little to no extra moisture to keep it well-moisturized over longer periods of time.

Tip No. 2 suggests you use a well-formulated moisturizer. Use one that is specially designed to take care of your delicate eye skin. Most especially when you are dealing with aging eye skin, your regular face moisturizer will hardly be enough to make sure your eye skin is covered from protection to correction, regeneration and renewal. The best eye cream will not just condition your skin, it stimulates your skin cells deep down.

  1. Your eye skin is very thin. The combination of low levels of fat and very few oil glands leaves your eyes skin so thin that it does not only make it more prone to damage and injury, the blood vessels underneath can show through the surface, making your eye skin appear dark and discolored.

Tip No. 3 recommends makeup for cover up. Don’t just own the cosmetics products that really cling and blend well with your skin. Make sure to learn a few practical tips and tricks to cover your eye skin. Here are a few handy-dandy makeup tricks you can easily learn and wear everyday:


  • Step 1: Cleanse your skin. When you can, exfoliate. This first step rids your skin of impurities so that your foundation and concealer can cling better to your skin.
  • Step 2: Tone and moisturize. Taking these two steps gives you a better conditioned canvas plus, it makes your skin appear plumper, dewier and younger.
  • Step 3: Color correct. Use your colored concealer to neutralize the pigments that are showing through your skin and making your eye bags prominent. Dab, then spread and blend with a high quality brush.
  • Step 4: Put on your foundation. You are going for an evened out skin tone and you should make sure you’re paying attention to how your foundation blends with the concealer you have on the eye.
  • Step 5: Highlight your eyes. There are many ways to make your eyes stand out as you remove eye bags. One way is by using contouring and another way is by wearing highlighters.


  1. There are very thin blood vessels underneath your thin eye skin. These blood vessels do not only show through your skin, these are also prone to damage and breakage which can cause blood and other fluids to leak and flood the skin around your eyes. The appearance of eye bags causes you to look much older than you really are.

Tip No. 4 requires a lifestyle change. There are many factors that can cause those fragile blood vessels to burst. That includes excessive and prolonged eye strain, lack of sleep, chronic stress, poor diet and dehydration. Reverse all of these and you’ll likely wakeup free of eye bags.

  1. Your eyes are part of almost any human expression. This fact makes your eye skin prone to wrinkling.

Tip No. 5 advises you to minimize facial expression. Laugh your heart out and feel free to have fun, just try not to exaggerate your facial expressions. When you sleep, refrain from sleeping on your sides.

  1. Your aging skin cells cannot cope with required repairs. As your skin becomes more damage and aging sets in, skin regeneration and turnover happen more slowly. Your skin needs help.

Tip No. 6 commands you to use only the best cream for puffy eyes.  Get your eye skin the help it needs. One of the top ingredients your eye skin deserves is Vitamin K (Phytonadione) to heal your skin, antioxidants like the powerful Oxido Reductases, anti-inflammatory ingredients like Arnica Montana Extract, and circulation-enhancing components such as hydrolyzed rice bran protein and soybean.

  1. Your eye skin needs to get ahead of the damage. To bid ‘bye, bye’ to your eye bags, you need to boost your skin’s natural healing mechanisms to go on overdrive.

Tip No. 7 recommends you to consult with a professional. There are a number of non-invasive and minimally invasive procedures that can help significantly improve how your eyes look. There are some eye bags that will require surgical removal, however, which is called blepharoplasty, to get corrected.


Think about what’s giving you your eye bags. If you want significant changes to the way you look, that’s the place where you should launch an attack. From there, don’t let your guard down. Your skin can be so sneaky, you don’t want it to smuggle in another eye bag problem. Where do you start? Start by introducing little bits and pieces of changes in the things you do everyday.


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