5 Things That Will Make Your EYEBROW SHAPING AFTERCARE Go Wrong!

The eyebrows do a lot to tell about how you currently feel. In a way, your emotions easily affect the movement of your eyebrows. How they look also affects other people’s impression of you, somehow giving a slight hint of your personality.

Your eyebrows might be one of the most important body parts for you, or they could also be your asset. It takes a lot of time for you to make them look on fleek, especially if you’re not really an expert on eyebrow shaping. Some people consider going to excellent brow bars to get their eyebrows done well. In that way, they can keep beautifully shaped eyebrows.

If you also plan to get an eyebrow shaping service, there are important things to remember before you do get it; it’s for your preparation. And of course, aftercare is crucial, so you have to know beforehand what’s needed to be avoided. Here are 5 things you MUST NOT DO during aftercare or else, everything will go wrong:


The threaded area of your eyebrows are extra sensitive and reactive after the process since hairs have been removed from the follicles. Those portions are left open for at least 2 hours. If exposed to heat, those areas might hurt and experience a warm, burning feeling.

Your exposure to the main source of heat, which is the sun, must not be too long. UV rays can easily penetrate and damage the open areas on your eyebrow area. Apply sunscreen before going out; it can help your skin oppose the heat or lessen the effects of the sunlight to your skin.

Not only the sun but also other sources of heat must be strictly avoided. No hot showers and no sauna if not needed. Using cold water on the shaped area is an advantage for pore tightening and to give you a cool feeling after getting the hot feeling from the threading process.


The hands are naughty; sometimes, you don’t notice but you’re already touching a certain part of your face. Usually, they go to where it’s prohibited, just like when you have a pimple. The big problem is that the hands are usually not clean because they’re used from time to time in everything you do.

However hard, control your hands and remind yourself always that you must not touch your eyebrow areas frequently. Just let them be. Again, the pores have been awaken after the threading. They are opened, thus, they become more susceptible to dust and dirt. Your hands are transmitters of those harmful particles.

If you’re going to touch them, make sure that you cleaned your hands first. Dirt can cause irritations and blockages on your skin. Also, the skin on the hands has its own oils that might clog the pores on the threaded portions.


After threading, don’t apply makeup, especially the perfumed ones. Don’t let any perfumed product get in contact with the eyebrows. It is better to leave your skin alone and away from irritants that might lead to breakouts. Your skin might react negatively and get inflamed with direct contact to some skin care products.

Let your skin breathe. Healing and recovery are two things you must look forward to after the eyebrow shaping service. Let your skin go bare for a day. It will allow the skin underneath the eyebrows to completely recuperate. Except for post-treatment creams and other products allowed and advised by the eyebrow shaping clinic, do not apply anything else.


For naughty hands again, tweezing and plucking have huge tendencies of happening. For instance, after the eyebrow shaping, you might feel a bit unsatisfied or bothered about a little portion of the outcome, so you decide to do things on your own. You might think of getting your tweezers and fix your worry.

Well, that’s not right because things can go bad and even worse if you tweeze your newly shaped brows. This is especially wrong in between appointments with the clinic. Tweezing can result to ingrown hairs due to the regrowing back of the plucked hair into the skin. Improper pulling of the hair and using a dirty pair of tweezers are some suspects for ingrown hairs.



The eyebrow shaping clinic will give you instructions about aftercare, so you must listen very well and ask if ever you have questions. Hesitating to ask can cause you to do some things wrong during the aftercare. Clarifying won’t hurt, so approach and get your worries solved.

If you’re already home and some unexpected bumps appeared, do not panic but do not just ignore them. They could be side effects of the treatment, and the experts know what to do, so let them know. Do not initially ask your friend or the Internet before going to your clinic.

Problems might get worse and worst if you don’t directly go to the one who worked on your brows. Don’t be shy. Asking can save you from all the eyebrow shaping mishaps that might happen.





There you have them! Remember to remind yourself about the things to be done and of course, to be avoided during the aftercare of your newly shaped eyebrows. Know everything you have to know, and communicate well with the eyebrow shaping clinic.

The preparation can go smoothly, as well as the eyebrow shaping procedure, but the aftercare is critical. Any wrong thing you do that affects your freshly done eyebrows can waste all the efforts you’ve made.


For Nicole Ann Pore, people’s eyes do a lot to imply a person’s mood and health condition. It is important to keep them healthy and beautiful. She writes about taking care of them together with their many parts, as well as the enhancements that people do on their brows and lashes that affect how their eyes look like. Nicole is a daytime writer for BrowCo Eyelash Extensions & Eyebrow Shaping, an Australian company that offers eyelash extensions and eyebrow shaping services. | Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.


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Written by Nicole Ann Pore

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