UPS Truck Accident: Steps To Take Immediately After A Crash

A UPS truck usually drives around doing good, dropping off packages, and delivering presents. But you may feel differently about these trucks if you were in an accident with one. An accident or collision involving a massive UPS truck can be horrific.

If you were in an accident with a UPS truck, you might not know what to do next. Consider this your complete guide to the aftermath of a UPS truck accident. This article will explain what steps to take, including seeking medical attention, contacting a UPS truck accident lawyer, and beginning the claims process.

What To Do Following An Accident With a UPS Truck

If you’re unsure what to do after your accident with a UPS truck, follow the steps explained below.

Call 911

After any motor vehicle accident, you must call 911 so the police can file a report, take statements, and more. They can also dispatch an ambulance if there are injuries. If you or the other driver are seriously injured, seek medical first.

Exchange Information

If you and the other driver are not seriously injured, exchange information. You should exchange names, phone numbers, addresses, registration information, license numbers, and insurance information. Collect witness information if there are bystanders who saw the accident.

Document the Scene

Again, only prioritize this step if no one is seriously injured. But taking photos and videos of the scene can help establish negligence and liability down the road. As mentioned, collect contact information from bystanders who can provide eyewitness accounts to support your claim.

Seek Medical Treatment

If you have not already, you should seek medical treatment. A UPS truck is a large and powerful vehicle. Even if you think you are fine and there are no visible injuries, it’s best to get checked by a doctor, just in case. There may be internal injuries.

Contact an Attorney

Once you take care of your health and safety, you should contact a lawyer following the accident. It’s best to hire a lawyer who specializes in truck accidents. After signing a contract, your lawyer will guide you through the claims process. A lawyer can help you understand what compensation you’re entitled to and how to proceed.

Collect Evidence

Evidence is crucial. Hopefully, you took photos and videos or collected contact information from bystanders. But even if you didn’t, there is usually plenty of other evidence you can gather to support your claim.

Helpful evidence can include:

  • Medical records
  • Hospital bills
  • Police reports
  • Eyewitness statements
  • Photos or videos
  • Traffic cam or security footage
  • Blackbox data

Evidence is important because it can help you prove negligence and establish liability. Without proven liability on the other party’s part, it’s nearly impossible to receive compensation. The liable party could be the UPS driver, the UPS company, or a third driver involved in the accident.

File a Claim

Once you collect adequate evidence, you and your attorney can proceed with the claims process. This step involves filing a claim against UPS and notifying them of your intentions to reap compensation. In the demand letter, your lawyer will outline your desired compensation and basic details of the case.

Settle or Go to Court

After you send the demand letter, a UPS lawyer will contact your lawyer. With a large company like UPS, the odds are high that they will settle out of court so the lawsuit is not too public and dragged out.

But if UPS is confident the accident was not their fault or their driver’s fault, they may agree to go to court and fight your claims. If the two parties cannot agree on a settlement, the case will go in front of a judge, and they will decide.

Bottom Line

While all these steps may seem daunting or overwhelming, your health, safety, and overall well-being are the top priority.

Collecting evidence, documenting the scene, and contacting a lawyer are all important, but make sure you are okay before doing any of these.


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