This is Why the Driving Instructors should wear Anti-COVID Plastic Screens

Anti-COVID plastic screens are protective plastic screens that protect people against the coronavirus. Coronavirus spreads through tiny droplets and these plastic screens are able to protect you against such droplets. It is for this reason that the driving instructors are recommended to use this anti-COVID plastic screens.

Getting back to work amid the COVID 19 pandemic

There have been a change due to the recent pandemic throughout the world. It is posing to us some very huge challenges. It is therefore important for us to understand what are the steps we should take to return to work safely. You will have to find out a way to maintain social distancing and work at the same time. Our safety partners are trying very hard to come up with something that will protect us against the coronavirus. It is also recommended that you get a proper car insurance Ireland done through a car insurance broker.

Details about the anti-covid plastic screens

These anti-covid plastic screens consist of two parts. There is a viser and it protects the face. This is made of plastic like propionate, polycarbonate, acetate, polyvinyl, polyethylene, terephthalate glycol etc. There  is a method to hold the visor in place and this is done using a strap or a headband.

The strap can be either made up of molded plastic, elastic or 3D- printed plastic. Some of these can be used just one time and are thrown away after using it for once. There are some others that can be re-used by cleaning them and sanitizing them. It is important to get the car insurance in Ireland done from a reputed car insurance company in Ireland.

Why should you buy anti-covid plastic screens ?

Apart from protecting you from the Corona virus, these screens also have a number of advantages. In order to know about them, you can go through the points mentioned below:

  • The plastic screens have been designed adopting ideas from 3D printing, origami and also 3D printing. There are also different open-source designs available and people can download them and customize them as per their needs.

  • These shields can also be dissembled, reused and sanitized quite easily. 

  • They are available throughout the world and are not at all expensive. Most of them are made up of low cost materials

Types of Anti-COVID plastic screens

There are different types of these screens available. You can go through the list given below to know about them :

  • Simple Face Shield

  • 3D printed face shield

  • Flat pack face shield

  • Open source Face shield

This is why driving instructors should wear the Anti-COVID plastic screens

The researchers from across the world have admitted the fact that the plastic screens can actually be highly effective. These serve as barriers to the particles that you emanate when you tend to breath in. These also prevent you  from getting infected when someone sneezes or coughs in front of you. This is definitely a much better option as compared to the cloth mask. The driving instructors meet a lot of people every hour and therefore these anti-covid plastic screens would be greatly beneficial for them.

In order to ensure that these shields do not transmit virus, you will have to clean it at home after use. While cleaning them, you will also have to ensure that this virus does not get transmitted to the hands. It is therefore advisable to use a disinfectant cleaning agent and then washing and drying the mask properly. Then you will have to wash your hands properly, in order to ensure that the virus does not get transmitted.


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