The importance of a vehicle immobiliser 

The safety and efficiency of our vehicles are issues that are being addressed all of the time. One device that has an important role to play in this is that of an immobiliser. This is an electronic device that is fitted into a vehicle in order to prevent the engine from running unless the correct key fob or key is present. As the engine can only begin if the right key is inserted, this means the car cannot be hotwired, even if someone does manage to break into the vehicle. 

As experts like Trackershop will confirm, vehicle immobilisers are now fitted as standard in most cars. This is good news for anyone who is looking to keep their insurance rates as low as possible. 

There are three main components at play when it comes to making your car start; the starter motor, the fuel system, and the ignition. From a mechanical perspective, the immobiliser operates by disabling a minimum of two of three components that have been mentioned. If even one of the components is disabled, your car won’t start. 

When you put your key in your vehicle’s ignition, a unique code is going to be sent to the electronic control unit (ECU), from your key. If you use the incorrect key fob or key, or you do not use any key whatsoever, the codes are not going to match and this will result in the immobiliser kicking into play. 

Does your vehicle have an immobiliser?

You may be wondering whether or not your vehicle already has an immobiliser. There are a few things you can do to determine whether or not this is the case. 

Start off by looking in your vehicle’s handbook to see if the car comes with a factory-fitted immobiliser. Your handbook should have all of the details about your vehicle, so it is the obvious place to start. A lot of handbooks are available in digital format online as well if you are unable to find yours in the house.

If you purchased your car secondhand, there is the possibility that the owner before you may have removed or disabled the immobiliser. You may assume that no one would do this. However, there are actually quite a few reasons why someone may decide to do this. 

It could be due to faulty coding or that the previous owner lost their keys and the new ones did not get programmed correctly. Or perhaps parts could have been replaced in a part of the vehicle where the immobiliser data is not the same. 

Aside from this, there may have been an electrical surge that blew a component in your vehicle’s ECU. If the battery of the car was replaced, all old key information could have been lost as well. Therefore, do not assume that your secondhand car still has the immobiliser that it came installed with when it left the factory.

At the same time, if your car did not come with an immobiliser, there is always the chance that the previous owner may have gotten one installed to improve safety and reduce their insurance premiums, so both possibilities are realistic. 

Final words on the importance of a vehicle immobiliser

As you can see, vehicle immobilisers are of huge importance these days, so it is not hard to understand why they are pretty much included as a standard in most vehicles. Not only can this give you peace of mind knowing that the chances of theft are reduced, but it can help to secure a better deal on your insurance as well. 


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