The Difference between Commercial and Private Van Insurance

When we see a van on the road, we mostly assume that the van is meant only for commercial use. But this is not true. You might use a van for private use also. There are different types of van insurance coverage available and the type of coverage you will need will depend on your usage of the vehicle.

This is when you need a commercial van insurance

You will need commercial van insurance in the following circumstances:

  • If you are using your van for any commercial purpose and this may include carrying goods for reward or hire or haulage
  • You get some kind of payment or income by using your van
  • You drive to work in your van
  • If you regularly sell in certain events like the flea markets or the car boot sales. The insurer will surely differentiate between a van that is used occasionally for events and the one that is used for regular commercial activity.

This is when you choose private van insurance

If you use your van for carrying model airplanes or fishing equipment or surfboard or for going to camping trips. Even if you have taken up a big project like constructing a building and use the van for carrying construction materials from the ward of the builder then you will need private van insurance. In simple words, if you use the van for domestic or leisure activities you will need private insurance.

This is what the commercial and the private insurances cover

The commercial van insurance might also cover you for private use, however, private car insurance cannot cover you for commercial insurance. If you use your vehicle to do something that provides you with some kind of income or payment then it will not cover the loss with a simple personal insurance policy. If you are a builder and use the van to go from one site to another, you will require van insurance. This coverage will compensate you for the loss that may be caused due to accident or theft. Using the van to travel from one site to another does involve high risk and therefore you must get commercial insurance in this scenario.

If you are using the vehicle for work then there is a high risk involved. This is because your van is used more often and therefore it increases the chances of accident and theft. Moreover, if you use the vehicle for business, then there is a high possibility that there will be more than one driver driving it. So it is necessary to cover all of them. Moreover, the van might also cross the border and go to other countries for delivery or supply of goods. All these will be covered under commercial insurance. Commercial insurance coverage means that you will be fully covered whether you are using the van for commercial or personal use. Personal insurance may cover the vehicle when it is used for business on certain occasions, but this cannot continue regularly.

It is always important to discuss with your van insurance broker if there is any chance of you getting the No claim bonus transferred from the privacy policy to the commercial insurance policy. People often want to do this to save some money as it is very difficult to take out a no claim bonus from commercial insurance.

Getting the appropriate van insurance Ireland is necessary. This is because in case you do not do so there is a high possibility that you will not get your claims when you require it.



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