The Best Cars for the Winter Conditions

The Best Cars for the Winter Conditions

Winter is just around the corner and, as every motorist knows, this means that driving is about to get a lot more challenging and stressful. The poor visibility, rain and occasionally ice can create dangerous driving conditions so it is no surprise that this is the time of year where most accidents happen. One of the best ways to make this period easier and safer is to have an automobile well suited to these challenging conditions – here are a few of the best.

Jeep Renegade

American manufacturer Jeep certainly know how to build vehicles to tackle tough terrain with their iconic Wrangler model being one of the most influential vehicles of all-time. The Renegade is a direct descendant of this with very bold, distinctive styling to match a powerful performance with a four-wheel system that will allow motorists to drive with confidence in difficult conditions. You can also upgrade it with recommended Jeep Renegade accessories to help your vehicle run in top-notch condition and to keep it looking good.

Skoda Octavia

The Skoda Octavia has made a name for itself for its great practicality and reliability – it is used by many taxi firms around the country so you know that it must be good. It is ideal for the harsher months of the year thanks to the additional ground clearance, raised suspension and four-wheel-drive. Inside, it is spacious, comfortable practical making it a great choice for families.

Dacia Duster

The SUV market can be one which is expensive to enter, but the Dacia Duster is a superb budget option that will allow those on a budget to purchase a vehicle that will be able to tackle the tough winter conditions. It is a no thrills automobile with more than 20mm ground clearance and the option of four-wheel-drive making it easy to handle slippery conditions.

Suzuki Swift

You do not necessarily have to invest in a large SUV if you want to be able to conquer the roads in winter. The Suzuki Swift is one of the only superminis available which has four-wheel-drive which also makes it well suited to driving in difficult conditions. It is an affordable option and particularly when you shop at places like AA Cars, plus the running costs are low with this vehicle.

Land Rover Discovery Sport

Land Rover is a prestige British brand and the Discovery Sport is another stellar addition to the lineup. This SUV builds on the same formula as its predecessors with excellent grip and wide tyres which will come in handy during those particularly bad days come winter. Not only this, but this model features a ‘terrain response’ system which allows the vehicle to handle roads and conditions that other automobiles will not be able to with different modes for snow and mud.

Driving is much harder during the winter months, but the above vehicles will allow any motorist to drive safely and with confidence thanks to their ruggedness and ability to remain sure-footed in slippery conditions.


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