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Procedure to File an Insurance Claim for Automobile

Nowadays, almost everything you buy is either insured or you get it insured as soon as you buy it. This holds true specifically in case of cars. They need to be insured as they get stolen pretty easily. An insurance claim is to ask the insurance company for compensation.

For example in case of an automobile, if it is damaged or stolen, you ask the insurance company for Auto Insurance or compensation for the damages that the car withstood after the accident. Since car insurance is expensive, if your car does get damaged, you would want to claim the compensation. You can call up your insurance company to further get insurance claim help in New Jersey.

Here is a little guideline to help you file an auto insurance claim.

The Police needs to be contacted


After a car accident, what you need to do is commence filing the claim by calling the police to the site. It is best if you let an officer note down all the necessary details of the incident in his police report. Also, it is safer to call a police official especially in case of an accident because the opposite party may try to intimidate you.

Therefore, the official should be there to handle it. The police report is however what will help you with the claim.

Information about your Car Accident needs to be collected

Call your insurance company when you are present at the scene of incident. They will explain to you the steps you need to take next. You will be provided with facilities according to the sort of policy you signed up for.

If transportation of your vehicle is there, it will be provided in case your vehicle is in no condition to move. You need to call them up after the police because they will guide you as to what to do next. You on your own may not be aware of everything your insurance covers and may end up spending more.

Have your Own Claim Specialist Assigned


Once your claim has gotten through for insurance, the company will assign a claims’ professional for you. That person is going to be your representative. He shall work on your car insurance claim and represent you in front of parties for the insurance company.

They will first investigate the situation in order for you to have your claim decided for the repairing of your automobile.

Make sure you provide the claims’ professional with all the necessary details for the incident so that he knows how to plead your case. He is there to assist you in any way possible.

Cost of Repair and Payment of Claim

Once the Auto Body Repair is done with conducting his research on the car and the entire incident’s happenings, you will be informed of the estimated cost needed to repair your vehicle, how much will be deducted, how much you may have to pay and all the other necessary details.

Once everything is laid out in front of you on the table and you and the adjuster agree to t, the procedure of repairing will commence.

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