Impress Your Date With Your Car! Here’s How

Is it just me or did January take three months to finish? Some people are even calling February the real start of 2021 as they try to move on from the unhappiness of the previous month. Now with all the bad juju off everyone’s minds, it is time to focus on the most important day of February: Valentine’s Day.

By now, you probably already have in your mind one lucky woman that you plan to spend Valentine’s Day with. You must now have an idea how to treat her right. She is, after all, the most beautiful woman on earth in your eyes, the one whom you want to spend a lifetime with. Everything should run smoothly.

Speaking of running smoothly, when was the last time you scheduled a maintenance check for your car? Taking your date on the bus or train or any kind of public transport can be seen as unromantic. Picking her up from her home so that you can take her to a fancy restaurant calls for your trusted steed. Now, being plain with your car does not work anymore. Here are a few tips to impress your lady with your car.

Keep it clean

I think this is a no brainer. No woman likes a man who doesn’t care about his looks or the state of the things that are useful to him. Women like it when men have complete control over their lives in a neat and clean way. Having a spotless car will surely give a strong first impression that you are definitely the man for her.

Great sound

Girls love music. They are always on the lookout for songs with lyrics that they can totally relate with. Knowing her taste in music and making a playlist to surprise her after dinner would definitely sway her mind in your favor. Having a better sound system that is not too powerful for her hearing is a must for any car owner.


Having well-installed accent lights on your car will also help to impress her. A lady likes to be driven in a fancy carriage with a colorful display of lights on a cold night; she will surely feel like a princess.

Now, if you are up for a little adventure, you can ditch the car after the dinner and drive on a motorcycle. The freedom that this gives you both is extraordinary. Of course, it will be a plus if your motorcycle also has the aesthetic illumination that your car has. If it doesn’t, online stores like are where you should go.

Just make sure to take her back home before midnight because that’s what reliable and irresistable princes do.

Be responsible

Of course, you should be able to get to your destination without a hitch. Being polite on the road and yielding to other drivers will improve your image and let her know that you are no less a gentleman to others as you are to her.

Now that you’re all set, car wise, you’ll need the other minor things such as what outfit and cologne to wear. Remember to always treat this day like it’s your last chance to impress her. Everything should be perfect. Leave no minor detail overlooked. Listen to her. She’s worth it. She’s everything. You know that.


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