How to Negotiate Price of Used Cars


PPSR check is important in the process of buying a used car. The PPSR check can provide you detailed information on the car and help you stay protected from buying lemons. You can get the PPSR check done by sharing the VIN or registration number of the car and paying an affordable fee.

You should always negotiate the price of used car for getting a sweeter deal. The following can help you to negotiate the price of used cars:

Do Background Research 

The most important thing to do before buying a used car is to do your homework. You should do the background research on the car you want to buy. Search for the current market value of the car and see if the dealer is quoting a fair price or not. Always go through the auto financing options in details to be sure that no hidden charged are being levied and you are getting the best interest rate.

Never Reveal Your Budget Immediately 

Most customers fall into the trap of dealers and reveal their budget to them upfront. This gives an upper hand to the dealers and they can sell you the car at the upper end of your budget even if its worth is a lot lesser. Instead of revealing your budget, you should only share your likes and dislikes with the dealers as it will help them to show you cars matching your needs. You can also share your knowledge and experience with cars as it will not mark you as a novice with the sellers and the chances of you getting duped are reduced.

Take a Test Drive 

You should never buy a used car before taking a test drive. Always insist to the dealer on taking a test drive. It is better to schedule the test drive beforehand. The test drive not only provides you an opportunity to check the suitability of the car, it also helps you to identify any problem areas which need improvement. The price can be negotiated with the dealership on these problem areas. You should be completely satisfied with the performance and handling of the car before buying it.

Don’t Get too Attached to the Car 

While buying a used car can be an exciting affair, it is important that you don’t fall in love with the car. You should not become too attached to the car as it can lead to you overpaying for it. Customers already imagine their life with the car which they have not purchased and this weakness is generally exploited by the dealers into forcing them to pay more. If you are not satisfied with the price, you should walk away. There are always better alternatives available in the market.

Always Bargain 

Even if the dealer is adamant on the selling price, you should be open to bargain. You will not get any discount if you don’t ask for it. Always visit multiple dealers before closing in on one as it will help you to know if you are being overcharged or not. If you find the dealer is completely unwilling to drive any bargain, you can consider walking away.


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