How to Increase Your Car’s Resale Value

The instant you buy a car and drive it home from the dealership, its price begins to depreciate. There is no way to completely prevent this from happening as any item no matter how carefully maintained loses its value over time. Cars are likely to lose more than 50% of their market value in just five years. However, there are ways to slow down this devaluation. It can be extremely beneficial if you plan on selling your car in the future, giving you a better rate than most other similar vehicles.

To get the best out of your car, here are some of the main aspects you need to know.

Drive Safely

While you may say you drive safely and have never been involved in an accident where you have to take help of a Portland motor vehicle accident lawyer, believe me, your aggressive driving and speeding are harmful to the engine and chassis. Buyers are wary of buying a car involved in an accident, and if they do, they want to pay half the price of what you intend to sell it for.  

Observe Proper Maintenance and Keep Car Service Record 

Drivers who observe regular maintenance can spot issues before they happen. It not only saves them money in part replacement but also makes the repairs cost-effective. A properly maintained car drives well, giving you leverage to ask buyers the money you want for your vehicle. 

Additionally, one most important factor that car owners usually forget is the record of everything done on their car. It does require some consistency, as you have to keep a record of every car repair and maintenance from day one. Maintaining a record of an oil change, dent repair, etc. does pay off. This way, you have proof of everything you claim about your car and provide the potential buyer an assurance. 

Clean it Inside and Out

When you take your car to get an estimated price for it, the first aspect it will be judged on is its appearance. A dirty, run-down car with a messy interior will not attract any high paying buyers. It is thus especially important to clean your vehicle. Preferably, do it a couple of days before you take it for a pricing estimate. The cleaning process should include both the interior and the exterior of the car. From a clean windshield to having new seat covers installed, everything should look new-like. Replace worn-out mats underneath the seats and perhaps get a polish for the dashboard. These little things will have a significant impact on the rate you will be able to get for your car. You do not have to replace everything in the vehicle; however, replacing a few important things can make your vehicle appear brand new.

Car Documentation 

The first thing in your documents is the car’s registration certificate. You cannot sell a car without this document. Another essential document is the car’s owner history. It will provide the buyer with information on how many people have used the vehicle, and it authorizes a legitimate sale. Along with your service records, you should also attach any warranty you may have on the batteries you got replaced, or new tires you recently fitted. It would help if you also mentioned the insurance you have for your car.

Besides these, there are other things you can do to increase the resale value of your car. You should install new tires when needed, keep up with maintenance, always park under shelter, fix dents and dings and so on. Before you sell your car, I advise you to look around different dealerships and weigh in your options to get the best deal. 


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