How to Help the Environment By Recycling Car Plastics

The advancements in technology have seen car manufacturers come up with more efficient models. You may have noticed that plastic has become popular in creating car bodies and other parts.

The benefit of using plastic is that it is not only lightweight, but this also leads to reduced fuel consumption. This is one reason small cars consume less fuel.

However useful plastic is in building cars, it has one downside. It is non-bio-degradable thus, disposing of it off or even the car will not be easy.

For this reason, if you have a damaged, wrecked, or totaled car in your compound, sell it to a car removal company.  They understand how this popular material should be disposed of and how to take care of the dead car.

Plastic Parts That Can Be Recycled

It is estimated that about 10 percent of a car’s weight is made of plastic. The more this material replaces metal, the less fuel it consumes.

Why are manufacturers using plastics unlike back in the 1950s? One reason is that there is very little corrosion associated with the material.

Integrating components becomes easy while it is versatile to incorporate varying designs.

Most manufacturers use recyclable polyurethane, polypropylene, and PVC.

Keeping in mind that plastic and varying car parts can be recycled. This is why unwanted aged vehicles should be sold to car removal companies. They do their best to make use of the car as much as possible before wrecking the remainder.

Best Way to Properly Dispose Of Old Cars

There is every reason that cars should be properly disposed of. Consider how dangerous plastic is to the environment and living things.

Parts such as car gauges, switches, door handles, seat belts, dashboard, and air conditioner vents are crafted of plastic. More parts made of this material include floor mats, dials, and airbags as well as some parts under the hood.

Throwing it away in a landfill is not the best solution. Cars in these spaces continue to contaminate the environment.

Having a damaged car lying around is a risk, taking into account that plastic is non-biodegradable. Regardless of how long it is left to rot, it does not break down. It will last for centuries to come.

Plus a wrecked car is an eyesore that you do not want to see in your home.

 How Will the Plastic Be Recycled?

Once you have accepted the offer given by the car removal company, the next step is to be paid. They come to the location of the car, assess it, pay, and tow it away.

The technicians at the facility will dismantle it to separate good parts from bad ones. They drain the fluids, remove hazardous materials, and test the reusable parts.

These good parts become the refurbished parts that you buy from these spare parts dealers.

The removal companies use the latest recycling technologies to get rid of contaminants from the plastics.

Once crushed and shredded, they are then sorted out. The next step involves Plastic extrusion, feeding them into an extruder where they are melted.

The advantage of recycling is that the plastics are turned into other items. They are first melted before being turned into varying shapes.

If the recycling company has a client, they will specify how they want the plastics. If there are no specifics, then plastic pellets are created and sold as such.

Some of the utensils and other items you have in your home could be from a recycled car. This is an excellent way of making sure the car retires as it deserved and you have played a role in saving the environment.

The Benefit of Recycling Car Plastics

Just like other sets of plastics, the car ones must be disposed of properly. There are numerous environmental concerns across the globe and they can only get worse if this is not done.

Since the material is inexpensive and lightweight, it is widely available. This means there is a high chance that it can rapidly pollute the environment.

Reusing and recycling will help a great deal in reducing the millions of tons manufactured yearly. They are used to create different products, not necessarily other car parts.

How to Choose a Car Removal Company

If you are anticipating selling your old car to a car removal company, you must choose the right one. This is a company that you can rely on and you will be confident they will dispose of the car in the best way possible. It is not all about the money, but how your once best car retires.

The first thing that you should consider is their reputation. What are people saying about them? This is information you can find online, from the local community, mechanics, and even car dealers.

Consider the offer they are giving. When you request a quote, you should get the relevant worth of the car and if this is not the case, look for another provider. However, the value you put on the car should be logical.

For convenience, get a removal company that is near where the car is. If it is far, you might have to pay for towing services and it could take longer to be paid and taken away.

Reliability is a virtue that you cannot gamble with. A reliable service provider will keep their word, give you value for the car and provide the necessary documents. Thus, make sure the company is reliable.

Take Away

By selling your vehicle to a car removal company, you are doing your part in a conducive environment. It has become a global concern that everyone must be involved in protecting.

The buyer dismantles the car, separates the parts and fluids. The plastic that makes different parts is then recycled.

Plastic is hazardous to the environment since it does not break down naturally. As you look for the best buyer, look for qualities such as reliability and honesty.

The company should also not be located too far from where the car is parked. Also, they should be well equipped to tow away the vehicle and dispose it of properly.


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