How to Carry Out Maintenance Practices on Your Fleet?

For optimizing the performance of your vehicles, you need to carry out regular maintenance practices. This will preserve their safety and keep your fleet running on the road. The fleet vehicles require special maintenance practices besides installing fleet tracking devices. It is important to maintain your fleet to increase how they carry out most of the business projects. It is also important to make sure that you have knowledge of the best practices of maintaining your fleet. Here are some common tips on how you can maintain your fleet.

Make Use of Technology

Using technology like fleet tracking devices to properly track your vehicles and other software to manage your maintenance tasks is one of the best things that you can carry out. There are so many software programs that you can actually utilize to manage all the maintenance tasks for your fleet.

The software program will make it easy for you to manage all the maintenance practices since you will be receiving notifications through the software. You can schedule all the maintenance practices and you will not miss out on carrying out them on time.

Changing the Oil

This is a common rule that you might have always followed and changed your oil after a period of about 3 months. However, over time, this rule has changed since different vehicle manufacturers are coming up with vehicles that can use oil for a long period of time before it is changed. It is therefore important to make sure that you have read the user manual provided by the vehicle manufacturer to know the recommended time that you need to take before changing your oil.

Filtering the Air

The condition of the air filter in your vehicle will be affected by where it gets to rest as well as the number of miles that you drive each year. Most of the vehicle manufacturers usually recommend that you should change the air filter after driving for about 5,000 miles. Also, make sure that you check it out after every month to make sure that it is running in a proper way.

The Tires

The tread that is found on your tires can work for about 5,000 miles. However, it can also depend on the weather and the condition of the road meaning that you can end up replacing it earlier than its appropriate time. You can also check the tread on the tires on your own to establish whether they are in the right working condition.

Washing the Vehicle

Washing the vehicle will make sure that it looks new and well-preserved all the time. If you allow the accumulation of dirt or any other materials on your car, there are high chances that it will strip away the paint on your vehicle. So ensure you do regular cleaning and washing of the vehicles.

Get Information About the Vehicle from the Driver

The driver is the one who understands the vehicle better. Inquire from them about the maintenance and what needs to be improved to make sure that the vehicle is running in the best way possible.  You can also check out about the condition of the vehicle from the mechanics and any other professionals. They will give you advice on how you are supposed to promote your vehicle.

Delegate the Tasks

Make a decision about the person who should be in charge of vehicle maintenance. Make sure you have a clear definition of their responsibility. When someone is sure about their task, they will carry out their activities in the most appropriate manner. This will ensure that the maintenance of your vehicles is flowing well.

Make a Maintenance Checklist

A checklist will guide you when you are carrying out the maintenance practices on your fleet. You will easily know all the maintenance practices that you need to carry out on your vehicle. All the activities that you carry out will be in line with the checklist. You can get the issues that need to be addressed by inquiring from the driver of the vehicle.

Preventive Mechanics

Do not wait until the time when the vehicle breaks down so that you can begin carrying out the maintenance practices.  It can create nightmares for you, so instead take your time while incurring so many costs. Make sure you are always proactive when carrying out the maintenance practices on your vehicles.

Always remember that the fleet vehicles require special maintenance practices. With the appropriate technology and practices, you can keep all your vehicles in good condition. They will run well for a long time to come. If you need the extra cash flow to perform critical maintenance, look into using a factoring company for trucking.


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