Digitrac’s biggest surprise comes in the form of it’s smallest engined tractor

As long as any existing modern farmer, or even an aspiring farmer, can remember, power is the name of the game when it comes to getting a brand new tractor, or even upgrading to one. The more powerful the tractor, the more efficient and effective the work and higher the total output/yield. For the longest time, pure horsepower has been directly associated with the capabilities of a tractor. However, in recent times, things have started to change, and for the better. Today, Digitrac is the one leading the change.

Digitrac is a tractor manufacturer that makes some of the tractor models in India. Also, being a part of Escorts Ltd., there is an immense factor of brand trust that its consumers enjoy whenever they purchase Digitrac’s products or avail it’s services. As far as it’s products are concerned, it also provides second-hand tractors for its customers. Be it the power and performance of a 50HP tractor, or even a 60HP tractor, they are all tractors for sale made available by Digitrac. There are also many, many tractor attachments the brand provides to its customers when they come in to purchase their Digitrac tractor.

However, the key point to be made here is that, apart from its fabulous range of tractors, Digitrac also offers a great alternative to measuring power. While the convention has been to focus on HP or Horsepower, Digitrac offers a new yardstick to measure tractor performance, and that’s PTO (or Power Take-Off) power. PTO power measured how powerful the tractor in its first moments of acceleration. This means, greater the PTO power, the greater load the tractor can handle more efficiently and effectively.

What’s more, Digitrac has managed to pull off this brand new way of measuring tractor power and offer more of it in smaller engine sizes. This means that smaller tractors can lift greater loads than one would usually associate with their natural size. Which, in turn, means that now greater loads can be lifted at a more affordable prices for the end user i.e., each and every farmer who owns a tractor by Digitrac. It might not be that easy to fit in a giant engine in a smaller frame for a tractor, but Digitrac has proven that it is definitely possible to make sure that even the smallest tractor can do more than enough to match its bigger counterparts when it comes to providing quality output effectively and efficiently. At the end of it all, it’s all about maximising productivity isn’t it?

Speaking of the smallest tractor doing the greatest amount of work, let’s look at the Digitrac PP43i. With 47HP @2000RPM, a dual clutch with 8 forward and 2 reverse constant mesh gears, it’s already out-specking the greatest tractors in the market. But, the icing on the cake is, that it’s got a 540 + MRPTO, a Sensi-1, live ADDC with a 2,000 kg Heavy Hydraulic Lift. This means that it can handle loads (both in terms of haulage and in terms of implements) of up to 2,000 kilograms! Finally, to make sure that all of that performance is never overwhelming for the farmer driving the tractor, the PP43i has a balanced power steering for great and easy use. There are definitely more features worth calling out here, but at this point, there is no denying the fact that this tractor is packing much more power and performance than its reasonably-sized engine would lead one to assume. Most importantly, the thing to be noted is that this is the smallest of the tractors that Digitrac offers in terms of engine size. It only gets bigger, stronger and more performance-packed from this point. Up to 60HP strong and performance-packed, to be precise.

So, what’s the takeaway here? That even if a tractor engine might be smaller on the outset and seem not to have much power, don’t change the engine, change the scale. That’s precisely the attitude that makes Digitrac an industry-leader in the tractor manufacturing industry. The fact that it challenges the norms and sets out to create its own way to measure things, an aspect that becomes the industry standard sooner than later.


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