5 Signs That You’re About To Get Scammed To Pick Your Junk Car

It’s highly recommended to have any junk car in your yard removed. Luckily, there’re various junk car removals in Perth promising to pay cash for your junk. These are easier to find online. However, it’s important to check the agency you’re requesting to come to pick your old car. Some might be looking for ways to make a killing from your desperation to have the junk removed. Here are 5 signs that you’re about to get scammed to pick your junk car.

Asking you to pay towing cost

When looking for a car removal service, find one that offers free towing. The company should and a tow truck to pick the junk from your location. Don’t fall for companies that request you to take the car to their location. Taking the car to their location puts you at their mercy and you’re more likely to get less than you expected. Alternatively, avoid agencies that ask you to contribute money for the tow truck. If they can’t afford a tow truck, then such a company won’t give you enough for your car.

Issuing you a cheque

Only allow cash when selling your old car. Avoid companies that ask to give you a cheque. There’s a chance to give you a bouncing cheque yet your vehicle they have already taken your vehicle. This is likely to cause you a lot of stress trying to claim your payment. And, in most cases, such people are hard to locate. Giving you cash saves a lot of time and effort.

Not paying spot cash

If the company says the pay cash, it should be on the spot. Any reliable old car collection in Perth should involve an exchange of spot cash before the company takes your car. it’s very risky accepting to pick your cash from their office after your car is taken. In case anything happens that lowers the car value on the way, you’re likely to get less than you expected. You save yourself a lot of time and effort sticking to spot cash for your junk car.

Not giving a free quote

When requesting the company’s services, it’s highly recommended to get a free quote. This is usually after submitting details about the current condition of the car. Then, the company will give you an amount to expect from your car. By the time the tow truck arrives, you’ll have a figure in mind to expect. The quote gives you the freedom to make a final decision regarding the fate of your vehicle.

Being selective with cars they buy

Car removal companies have the same purpose for all the cars collected. Therefore, the car model and brand isn’t a big deal. When calling a removal agency, ensure that the company isn’t looking out for specific car models and brands. The chances are high that such a company has other purposes for the car apart from junking. A removal service that buys all cars is more convenient and focused on helping you achieve your goals to remove the junk.

Bottom line

It’s one thing to make up your mind to have the junk removed, and others for the process to inconvenience you. Choose a company offering free towing, pay spot cash, and pick all types of cars. And to keep the brake system of your car work effectively, make sure you get your car servicing done from a professional car repair service center only.

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