4 Tips: Which Help You Earn Top Dollar For A Scrap Car

When your car dies, the first option is to consider it a hunk of junk. This might make you believe that you are out of options. Well, if you think a little deeper, you will realise that all is not lost. Instead of letting your vehicle rot in the yard, perhaps you can give it away as scrap. There are various agencies in Perth that can give you a good amount for your old car. So, here are 4 tips to help you get top dollar for a scrap car.

Choose the right time to sell your car

The time when to sell your car makes a difference. The scrap value for 4×4 and SUVs rises in bad weather. Additionally, you will get more money if you such a car during periods when the cost of gas goes down. Convertible cars usually have a higher value in warmer months with the sun shining. Therefore, don’t wait for the period to change to sell your car. You can always get good value for your old convertible car during the warmer months of the year.

Don’t let your car to rot away

Leaving your car in the yard for a long time will lower its value. The longer you wait the lower the scrap value will go down. This is because the re-usable parts in your car are likely to quickly depreciate. Its valuable parts are likely to wear and tear faster. Other problems include

– Rust on the body

– Rubber parts become brittle

– Fluids begin settling out

– Fuel left in the tank absorbs water from the air

Leaving your car out in the yard exposes it to all forms of harsh weather elements. The heat from the sun will make the seats to crack and fade. Additionally, cold, rain, and snow encourage corrosion. Furthermore, a scrap car is a good place for infestations. These come with a risk of chewing on the wiring that devalues the price of your car value. The moment you make up your mind to stop using a car, never hesitate to sell wrecked car for cash and get spot cash.

Compare a few quotes

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Avoid getting a quote from one agency and assume it’s what the others are willing to give you. Doing some homework might make you get a good bargain. Additionally, avoid quotes that come with conditions attached. The best agency is one that gives you a good price  without strings and picks your car from your location. It’s a guarantee that the final price will not differ from the quote you got on their website.

Sell it when still drive-able

A car that is still road worthy will generate more money. This eliminates the money the agency you would have used to tow the car from your yard. Though they might have a tow truck, a drive-able car saves them time and some money that goes back to your car value. Additionally, a car that still runs has more re-usable parts and can even be sold at an auction.


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