Weak Inside

Behind these funny posts and emoticons Is a soul who is a stranger to joy and laughter

Whose chins have tasted more salty fluids than the stones beneath a dead sea.

Whose broken smile reside wholly on the echoes of your laughter Behind this tough face is a mild heart Tender and vulnerable

Behind my tough palms are tales written underneath layers of every skin In details, the alphabets of life’s struggles In totality the number of goals I missed

Behind this tiny shoulders is a pond of unending tears And behind this chest is a back who is familiar to back stabbings And a rib cage that survived bear hugs from wolves in sheep clothing

My bruised toe shows I have learnt the hard way I know the ropes well enough to not hang on them

Although this heart is small And my lights are burning out I would still text back faster than my eye would ever blink I would apologise even if you wrong me I would burn to keep you warm

Take my eyes if you have to see Take my legs if you have to stand Take my words if you have to speak But don’t leave me alone!

Don’t leave me alone For I fear this ocean of grief would drown me in your absence

I fear my conscience would rip these masks away Undress me to my bones and show the world my pain

I fear the reverberations of your laughter would desert my ears And again, my eyes would return to writing my history in the language of tears

My shoulders yearn for the weight of your head Lay all of your secrets on them

They yearn to eat the thorns stomached in your roses Kiss the scars of your loses Bury my loneliness beneath the breath of your presence

My arms are starved cannibals Raging with the thirst to encyst you in their warmth Hold you close enough to keep my desperation

two worlds away Stitch your arteries to my veins to reaffirm there is no we parting away My heart beats to the chemistry of our together forever Swirl in between my arms and dance with me to the lips of eternity

No more would there be you reading the epilogues of my wounds No more of you catching me from falling into doom

No more of you telling me to be strong No more of you dragging me out of the shells of pretence Forever,

I would own the smiles you give to me Forever, I would keep my heart opened for you I would forever burn to keep you warm Take my legs if you have to stand

Take my words if you have to speak But don’t ever leave me alone!


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Written by iam_elchoko

they say follow your heart..!! too bad I don't have one....

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