Teacher of or reach of the Beat

Breath it underneath It

a beat

a seat in our soul

Rhythm Bequeath it

a walk on the mountain

a holiday Wreath

These are the steps

from mountain and valley

we feel in our feet


Down steps the teacher

magic on a Road

The teacher of the Beat

Coming round the Bend

Click the quick stick

rhythm finds a way In

I never saw one teach it

It’s under the Skin

Each village & town

a drummer clicks sticks

Tic tata tat tat

we dash thru Gate

and back in the Din

sometimes the drummer

leads us in

When the mystery is right

The piper takes over

from the Drummer

and marches out of sight

into the Night

Fear not the Beat

always is Right


What do you think?

Written by Johndavisnearby

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