SPEAK in the HALLS of Beauty

Speak in the Halls of Beauty

the tongue that never Lies

The mountain has Eyes

to see what the Singer Cries

the Muses sing dance or fly

with the beat of Words

and music never Dies

O Poetry ring Proud

The Bard sings with Lute

or Flute

and Rules from a Cloud


The muses rise in harmony

The Skies Harmonize

Father Time walks in

throws the Net of Tomorrow

To catch The TIME that Flies

The Past catches

the BROW of sweet NOW

EARTH spins on its Heel

and sheds a Tear

TIME for the PROW

of Forever to BOW

to hope and Kindness

with the Wisdom

of Love with out Fear

Only the Stones

and the Moans

the Sea

Remind me to sing

once More

The moon throws its moon beams

and gleams with the

magic of Love

without Fear


What do you think?


Written by Johndavisnearby

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