Skin Retouch Photos Via Photoshop

Monday, November 05, 2018

At 5:30 pm, I decided to go to the Canon Workshop. I noticed it is already dark at this time. It is already nighttime because daylight savings recently ended. As I drove to Canon, I noticed that there was a lot of traffic. I should have left at 6 pm, which is a lot better. Tonight’s Canon Workshop is about retouching skin on photographs. I have played with it myself on Photoshop because I wanted to fix certain issues on my polaroid photos. I am still an amateur because I need more practice. I was hoping to learn some new tricks in this workshop. Photographer Kristina Sherk talked about skin retouching on Photoshop.

Some retouching software includes Shark Pixel, Lightroom, Photoshop, and Canon skin retouching.

You also need to take consideration of the lighting, retouching, tools, and dodge/burn tools.

Under the Windows tab, make sure Actions, Adjustments, Properties, and Swatches are checked.

There are three basic types of lighting: harsh overhead lighting is very bright. Diffused Overhead Lighting looks soft and natural. Under/villainous lighting is dark, sullen, and it has lots of shadows.

When using the Patch Tool, use Structure 7 and Content Aware.

Healing Brush Tool is used to erase stray hairs and unwanted blemishes on skin. Use the Spot Healing Brush Tool, Content Aware, and Replace Mode to erase unwanted stray hairs. With the Spot Healing Brush Tool, use Normal Mode and Proximity Match to erase facial blemishes.

Clone Stamp Tool can be used to erase stray hairs. Make sure it is on 100% and use a very small brush size.

Diffusion Slider: use a low number for skin.

Frequency Separation Technique involves dividing the color information of skin from texture of skin. Create separate layers, and then merge texture and tone layers.

Create a black mask under the Action.

Create a white mask under Color Range and then Skin Tone.

Dodge/Burn involves making features and skin look 3D via shadow and highlight effects. Pick the right colors. Make sure they are highlight and shadow shades. Create a dodge/burn layer. Use Soft Light Mode, 50% gray, and sample colors.

Undereye circles? Use dodge/burn with brush tool.

Dodge/burn features? Create a new layer. Use black and white. The technique is similar to makeup tricks to shade, highlight, and contour makeup on your face in order to bring out certain features while camouflaging other areas. It is all about creating a 3D effect.

I noticed the time at certain number synchronicities: 11:11 am, 2:22 pm, 3:33 pm, and 10:10 pm, as well as I found a fortune cookie message that has to do with being a leader and taking charge.


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